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Silly Exaggeration


K, alright, ummm....errr.

We like to have fun. Yes. This is an open community. Yes.

But it is first and foremost a place to swap ideas and to contribute to the community. We are going to have to start drawing a line across the more, well, lets say "creative" contributions that don't exactly fit our mainstream idea of a contribution. While some may be entertaining, when there starts to be enough to actually make people negatively comment about them it is starting to get out of hand.

We have been very loose lately and I have let a couple things slide that I may have thought twice about previously and I really haven't deleted things like I probably should. That is going to go ahead and start changing.

Some past things may suddenly dissappear later at the decision of a small crowd that I have chosen to help me make the final decision.

Lets have fun, but lets also try and continue to do it in a appropriate and helpful sort of way. Aimless nonsense is fun for few but gets annoying to the rest. Thank you for keeping it to the few threads it is and not letting it get out of hand in the other threads.

Thank you all for your continued support of this humble little website. It wouldn't be what it is without you!!!!!!

A warning to all you aimless nonsensical people!


2003. Good year. I think that phase came and went a couple times.

I'm looking for Silly Exaggeration.

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I regret that post that you resurrected from the grave.

You can do as you will when you will if you have the will.


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