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Gliding on the mid-afternoon breeze, enters a tall figure wrapped in a long grey robe. With a few long strides he quickly reaches the bar and, with a well tattooed hand, stacks 5 gold coins in front of the bar tender, "Pour us all rounds of Grog, and when we're finished, pour some more. Me thinks we all could use a good drink." His hair extends past his waist and is like a rainbow of color: white, copper, and grey, with a hint of blonde. A rather large nose intercedes between a rift in his hair, and within appears to be a large grin and piercing eyes.
"I am Stromalan Gerthal, but my companions call me Strom. I am the keeper of the secrets of Kaelin' Dar." Pausing, he drinks down his  first pint and motions for another. "Vast is my knowledge. Yet, held down by oath, I cannot tell everything of what I know. Though, what I can speak of....buuuurrrrpp..will help you in your travels. That is, of course, if you ever dare to travel there."
Reaching into his hair he retrieves a pipe with which he begins smoking; as if it had been lit all the while. "I have been watching you for quite some time and have decided you to be a resourceful lot that could give useful information as well as I."

Sweeet. A hair pipe. Got any pretzels in there?

Oh great keeper of the unknown, if your knowledge is so wide I beg of you, how do you spell relief and how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

(3 licks strolen. all the commercials say so.)

A large, strong looking elf with nothing but a longbow strung across his back walks up, and adds 3 coins to the pile.
  "Sorry, but 5 isn't enough for this lot here! By the way, My name is Ferahgo. I wish to be the first to welcome you here!"

A young mage walks in, her dark blue eyes darting back and forth. She spies the newcomer and runs up to him. She looks up at the newcomer, frowning slightly, as if she's assessing his worth. Several seconds pass and then young mage breaks out into a mischievous grin. "Greetings, friend. I am called Siren."

"D'ARR! I didn't know that we had a bar in this Citadel!" Captain Penguin says, slopping grog from a frosty mug all over the floor.


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