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The Stygian?


Well, we released a new issue of the Stygian a few days ago and wanted to know if any of you downloaded it and read through it?  Its our largest issue so far at 142 pages of RP goodness :P  We'd appreciate any comments you guys may have about this issue for our Letters to the Editors article in Stygian #5.

You can download the newest issue here: http://www.realmsofevil.net/stygian/

Downloaded and looked through a bit...

Well, what should I say... it's big. It's too BIG. It is simply too long! Two issues would be much better.

Hmmm... of course, graphics; dragon theme; kobolds... much about kobolds, neat; drow...; ohh... EXCREMENTAL PARAELEMENTAL... :what:


It is TOO MUCH. Cannot make a 'comment' on a small book you in fact published after simply going it through. May do some later.

See but some interesting things already...

Eeeeew! The bit about the Excremental Paraelemental....Just....Just.....Uncalled for!

But I liked it.
It was a bit too long. If you split it into two issues, it would be better.


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