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Minor technical question: is there a known limit for how much mass a single Yau-Calabi drive can move at one time?

Siren no Orakio:
Not exactly. A given engine produces a given -volume- of hyperspace. Bubbles can merge in flight, but a ship is otherwise incommunicado in hyperspace. Very, very large ships may have multiple engines. (Starseeders, Dreadnoughts, and their ilk.)

Siren no Orakio:
Echo, you are far enough out to detect the radio signal the larger ship is putting out, about four hours after you jettison and drift. You are about a day's travel from the elevator, and about 8 hours out from the transmitting ship. It is a repeating signal, but matches no known encoding, save a vague similarity to morse code, and your ships computers are spitting out '-,.' as a translation from morse.

Apparently we WILL have a 'You all meet in a bar' moment. Or at least, a significant number of us.

*mugs CM and makes him serve as a targetinc omputer for the BFRT*


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