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Siren no Orakio:
It begins!

PCs, you may declare where you are in Sabrontir at this time - Options are basically anywhere in the inner system or on the elevator.

System Map:

Sun - Gas Giant 1 ----- Asteroid Belt 1 - Asteroid Belt / Gas cloud 2 ---------------Sabrontir II & Elevator ----|Far|- GG 2 ----|Far|----GG3--|Far|-Outer Detrius

Valid Points include the belts, the foundries at Sabrontir,  the inner giant (scouting), the elevator - Which includes a cantina, several dining places, a 'mall', and residential quarters at this time, in addition to the construction zones and administration areas (Some of which are locked off to general access.)

Reputedly, there is a pirate cove at GG2. PCs who wish to be peaceful with that faction may choose to start there as well.

Questions as needed, and if you want a given description of an area (AKA, not in your ship), ask, and I'll give you the gist, or you may let me know where you want to be, and I can set a scene there for you.

If you have not yet caught up to me and discussed your ship, assume that you are in what is essentially a light civilian craft - Your ships are capable of defending themselves, and even going on the attack, but they are not dedicated military craft. They are a privateer's ship.

Siren no Orakio:
Communication and Ship AI.

Because of advances in particulate science, it is possible to send a much-faster-than-light message. What this means is that radio lag over the radio across a star system is seconds, rather than hours. Interstellar communication takes tight-beam routers and several hours at best, and may require routing around interposing obstacles, such as nebulae. Your ships have the FTL equivalent of CBs. And yes, FM radios, though they don't bother to broadcast that on FTL.

Ship AIs are just complex enough to run the routine operations of ship on their own, accept your vocal input, and plot 'safe' navigational courses. They may have voice output, but are not capable of actually carrying on an intelligent conversation, though some bored pilots put a modified ELSA or Racter on their ship. This is never good for anyone.

I do believe this is shaping up to be an amazingly nifty game. I wait with bated breath.

I wonder, Siren, how big does a ship have to be to take a Yau-Calabi drive (I know none of us have any) but in term of the different sizes in the game. What would be 'big', 'medium', and 'small' freighters in term of size?

Siren no Orakio:
Physically, any ship can, technically, mount a Yau-Calabi drive. They merely -mass- about twice as much as most fighter designs, which are about on scale with a modern fighter, just a bit more three dimensional to mount all the reaction mass they need. A fighter which mounts a Y-C drive will see its ability to accelerate and maneuver plummet, a minimum of three-fold. Probably more, because of the reaction engine redesign requirements.

If your ship is big enough to be made to haul stuff, then it /should/ be designed to mount a hyperspace drive. There is no (game) mechanical reason, to start without one. There's not that much money in the short haul business.

This is chosen for a game mechanic reason.

A 'light' freighter is enough to carry 2-4 isotainers. A 'Medium' carries a small to significant amount more. A 'Heavy' might be measured in cubic kilometers.


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