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[Starkin] The Edge of Civilization - Chapter 01

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A pistol drawn, Danasheth approached the ancient computer system, twisting left and right, on the lookout for danger, darting from cover to cover with long bounds. Most likely, it was dead, but she always could load it on the drone and send it back to Alice, who could feed it with power aplenty.

Through the opened airlock, her drones scampered to other rooms, drien by their programmed curiosity, mapping and scanning.

She checked for a power switch on the computer, and when it remained silent, she proceeded to unmount it and package it for transport.

Siren no Orakio:
The computer itself, there in the vacuum, is simple enough to disassemble for removal, though in several places Danasheth must actually cut through the posts holding the modular system to the inner frame of the desk, the apparent design being that the entire desk should be considered the case. But, slide free it does, and the mass of the thing given sudden motion carries Danasheth nearly a meter from the desk, before she stabilizes herself.

Meanwhile, man and machine explore, the repetitiveness of the design soon becomes apparent. A few residential rooms, a larger structure, though these structures vary, from empty rooms with odd, modular furniture, similar to the first found, to rooms with bins and racks built in, with a table like structure near the the door, to rooms of repetitive . By the industrial machinery are small, cramped rooms with the odd desk computers, but the true finds are to the fore, and "up", well beyond the laser blast, and to the aft. To the aft, it would seem, would lie a single, enormous tank, with all decks opening out through doors onto ladderwork which allows the tank to be accessed. A few decks have corridors that continue beyond, as well. To the fore and up by the apparent ship design, lies a wall passable through only one door, guarded by a reduced version of the hexagonal key-pads.   


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