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Now Hundreds of years later Kitari fully-grown and fully capable of winning any fight that came his way. Kitari finds him self in a village about 20 miles from his main home. His eyes scan this small village surrounded by trees and mountains. He looks at a small Inn, and a Weapons shop, which sparks some interest in Kitari, since the sword he has used for the longest time he could think of, was the one he killed his father with. Kitari slowly walked into the weapons shop, seeing bows, and seeing crossbows. He did by the way see a sword with Drow symbols on it, though he could not find out what they meant. Kitari had mastered Drow as a second language from his trainer, but he was never able to read it. Kitari still wanted to buy it... but Kitari had no money on him.

Kitari walked out of the weapons shop and looked across the street to the pub and smiled a bit as he walked in, his wings opening as he walked in and they fluttered a bit, and then they closed. You would hear the sounds of people’s whispers, and they said “Demon". Kitari looked at all the people and couldn’t understand why they would say that when they live don’t live to far from a demon village.

Kitari walked over to a table and sat down, he needed a place to sit after his long trip to here. He looked around at the people and tilted his head like a confused dog. His eyes glowing crystal blue as he looked at his old dented sword in its tattered sheath. He looked over to a Human male that seemed like he wasn’t afraid to approach Kitari, and Kitari tried to call him over, but the second the human put his attention to Kitari, his eyes turned white and fear and backed away to a wall that was furthest away from Kitari. Kitari got up and walked to the bartender and looked at him “Why are these people afraid of me... what did I do to scare him” he said looking at the bartender.

The bartender said" Well it was about 10 years ago; we were all victims to the demons that used to live about 20 miles east of here". Kitari looked at the bartender" Used to... what happened" he said looking at the bartender. “Well they were wiped out,” the bartender said looking at Kitari.

Kitari left the bartender where he as and walked out the door. He started to walk east out of the city, but as soon as he left, it got dark. Kitari climbed into a tree and fell asleep, his wings acting as a cushion keeping him off of the branch it self. His memories got the best of him, he began to dream of the day he killed his father.

Kitari lived in a village full of demons. They looked a lot like humans, they had skin a lot like them, and their facial structure and body build was the same. But one physical difference was that they had magnificent wings, mainly black and bat like, but a few are born to have feathers. These demons lived pretty normal lives growing food, and hunting for food. They worked on making weapons, amours clothes, and another thing they would need in their lives. These demons could live for thousands of years, and would recover from wounds fairly fast, as long as the puncture did not go through an artery. The Demon city was called Xunin.

Kitari ran down the stairs of his grandmothers and grandfathers sepulcher. The grey stonewalls that were embroiled with their names were right above where they were laid to rest. A small room off to the right of the tombs was used for the treasures that they had before they died. It was a family tradition to place the treasures of the deceased with the bodies, in hope that they will find true happiness after death. Kitari prayed at the tombs where they laid. Each time he did so he felt like their soul was closer and closer to being resurrected.

Kitari's younger brother had secretly been following his brothers every move. His younger brother Christian always wanted to be a great warrior when he grew up, he wanted to be much like his father, every summer going out to war and fighting for what they believed in. This summer his father hadn't came back; the father was still out somewhere. Christian hid in the trees just out side where the sepulcher was.

Kitari walked out of the sepulcher and noticed what his brother had been doing. Kitari felt like a little game of Hide-N-Go Seek with his brother so he ran, Kitari running between bushes and trees dodging what ever came out in his way.

Meanwhile over at Kitari's house something horrible was happening his family had just gotten home from shopping, and his father was there. His father wasn't him self though he pulled out a knife and walked slowly toward them, killing his wife, daughter, his four sons. He dragged their bodies into the house and walked off into the forest “come out, come out where ever you are” his father said was it echoed through the forest. Kitari and his brother heard the voice, the brothers caught up to each other and dashed for their father, and both wanted to greet him first. When they saw him, they both jumped onto him, hugging him and kissing him. Just then his father pulled the knife to Christian’s neck and slit it. Kitari jumped off and looked at his father “Why..."Kitari asked, his voice in shock, as to what he had just encountered.

Kitari pulled out his knife and stabbed his father in the kneecap, slowing him down a bit, knowing that his father had a quick recovery rate he had to act fast. Kitari dashed toward his house, screaming for his mothers help, unknowingly that his mother was dead. As Kitari reached the house he knew something was up, groceries were on the floor M…Mom” e said in a low and not yet broken voice. He ran into the house to see his family in one pile all dead on the floor, much like his bother in the forest. He ran up the stairs and pulled out the sword from its sheath, and hid in the closet.

His father was already recovering from his wound at this point. His father spread his giant wings, much like Kitari's in the future. He flew down at full speed toward the house, ramming a hole into the room that Kitari was hiding in. Kitari's father walked over to the closet, since he was able to feel the aura of his son more then any aura in the world. Just as his father opened the door, Kitari rammed the tip of the blade deep into his fathers Stomach. As Kitari ran out the door, and into the forest, his eyes glowing white with fear if his father was to follow him, he wouldn't know what to do.

Kitari found himself up on a mountain a few miles from home, looking for his father. And just as he expected his father came walking up along the path Kitari took. Kitari looked around for anything he could use, and to his help there was a burial right by where Kitari was hiding, where a sword was sticking out of the ground. Kitari prayed at the spot and took the sword. Just as Kitari's father walked up and past Kitari, he took the sword and shoved it through the spinal cord killing his father instantly.

Kitari ran home screaming “Mother!" but as he reached the house he had remembered his father had killed his family. But it was only just now that he had realized that he was never going to be able to be with them ever again. He began to cry, He shouldn’t have been so hard on his brother earlier that day, he should have just played with his brother when he had the chance and now he will never be able to play with him ever again. He looked down on the porch floor as he looked at his mothers hand laying just out the door, dried blood still able to be seen along the hand.

Kitari's emotions got the best of him he put the house on fire with his mother’s body and his sibling’s bodies still in there. Kitari looked over at the wall of trees that surrounded his house. He walked about 30 yards in and watched the house as it flew up in smoke, the smoke rose high enough for anyone to see it, and his eyes showing no remorse for his father’s death that he now has on his hands. Kitari's eyes slowly closed as he went into a deep sleep, his memories of his family good, when his father was playing football with him, and they would play war. Him in the kitchen helping his mother cook and clean. His brothers and sister playing in the back yard having a good time.

Kitari would wake to seem some villagers putting out the fire of the house and on the first few feet of trees. It seemed like they thought it was accidental. Kitari got up and walked over to the Villagers and told them to let it burn, he had no reason to live... or even leave that house standing. All of the villagers were shocked to see what happened to him when they saw the blood on his shirt, so as he told them... even the people that didn't know Kitari or his family started to cry. The Governor took Kitari to his house to live as long as he wanted. But that night Kitari left the house not telling the governor, and started to wonder through the forests.

Kitari grew stronger day in and day out, fighting all that came his way. He took on the strongest things that dared to fight him, and all of which perished just like his father. One day Kitari met a swords man that thought of Kitari as a chance to right their wrongs. Kitari grew stronger than he ever thought, now fully capable of using a weapon, he took on his travels again. Kitari now fought those who robbed the helpless, as he was taught to do so by his teacher.

Kitari's teacher was a man of great dignity and he was also a man that Kitari looked up to. This man may have been only human, but he was the only on that would take Kitari in knowing that he was a demon, and teach Kitari all that he knew. And even though Kitari was taught by his teacher, Kitari also taught his teacher. His teacher was never out of the town that he was born in, but Kitari told his teacher exactly what he always wanted to know. Kitari's teacher died at the age of 85 by a heart attack, this was 50 years after Kitari met this man.

Kitari woke up and looked around, it was early in the morning, and the sun just began to rise. Kitari jumped to the floor and sat down under the tree" Ill just wait till it get a bit lighter" Kitari said to him self. Kitari rose up after a few hours and took flight into the sky his eyes glowing red now, after remember that the bartender said that the town was wiped out. His wings flapping as hard as he could, he got there in about 15 minutes, his long black hair now dripping with sweat, he could barely see out of his eyes. His right arm slowly came up and wiped the sweat away from his eyes. He looked about the town, his heart beating fast, not because of the long flight that he had just endured but it was from the horrific sight that he had just encountered.

His eyes burning with anger as he walked over to where the mayor’s house once resigned. The mayor’s house was in the middle of the whole town, upon a small hill, or that’s where it used to be. His teeth clenched together as anyone’s would do when he they had just endured pain, if it was physical or if it was mental. He turned his head away from the sight, and took off again searching answers back at the town he had just left. Once he reached there he saw the one thing that he would never have guessed. The town was being attacked by demons left and right killing villagers and killing anything else that came in their way. Kitari flew down to the Weapons shop and grabbed the sword that he saw earlier “This will come in handy" he said looking at it, but in its reflection, he saw the manager of the store killed with his heart laying next to him.

Kitari walked out of the building. The second he put his foot out the building he was jumped, 4 of the demons came flying down from the roof tops, all with claws out stretched and ready for the strike. Kitari’s eye caught the one of the right, as he was the closest to the blade. Kitari’s eyes scanned the demon for all he was worth; the lesser demon that had been coming toward Kitari had scales that acted like armor. The lesser’s spit acted as an acid, as it dripped to the floor and started to seam. The demons eyes glowing red, as if made of blood.

Kitari soon reacted to this demon, as he removed the sword from its confinements or in other-words its sheath. Kitari looked at the demon, Kitari’s eyes turning black, and his teeth grinding together. The second the demon came close, Kitari swung, and upward thrust, to the demons jaw line, ripping his head in half. Kitari’s eyes became grey. The aura around Kitari was now seen, but not like other aura this one was like a swirl of energy rising from his body and going into the sky. Almost like a backwards tornado, the energy far around him, burning the other demons into nothingness. The energy rose into the sky like an upside down funnel as it got smaller, and smaller as it reached the sky.

Kitari's eyes glowed fluorescent green as he looked into the forests around the small town. The color of Kitari’s eyes was the way they were because when they are like that he can see heat signatures throughout the area. And to his surprise there was a person hiding in the tree about 300 yards from the spot he was standing. He slowly walked and looked through the trees, his eyes noticing that he was close enough to just see the person. His eyes changed to a crystal blue, he looked at the person and tilted his head “And I thought you were dead” he said smiling, as he looked at bartender hiding in the tree. After a few minutes the bartender noticed that it was safe to come out of the tree, the bartenders eyes began to tear as he saw what happened to the town “My... My home" he said looking at what happened. He ran to the town that was nothing but a bar, splattered with blood, and the inn. A few people lay in the streets dead, and the others either seriously injured or to scared to say anything.

Kitari looked at all the people and sighed, “do you people know how to take care of your selves?” he said looking at all the town's people. But they all answered the same way, they all said no. He looked at them and couldn’t help but chuckle, and then he looked at the bartender "Where is the person in charge of this place” he said looking at him. The bartender pointed at a guy with his intestines ripped out, and laid over a tree.

"Ok well I’m appointing him” he pointed at the bartender “as the new mayor of this town, anyone who disagrees with me can get out of here” he looked at all the people, and not one of them moved. He looked at the mayor, and then at the people” Ok who here would like to put of a wall, to keep this city safe” Kitari said with a smile on his face. All of the people raised there hands, and then he looked at the new Mayor and tilted his head “Ok what are you waiting for, go on, tell them what you need, and when you need it by.” He said looking at the Mayor.

“Ok well it’s about time that we get to work, even though the whole town was practically destroyed in a few minutes, we still have to rise to the occasion and get our selves back in line, so that we could be just like the way we were” said the Mayor, his speech seemed to give confidence to all that heard it, and the few kids that were there, were to busy crying into there parents shirts from what they seen, to even hear what the mayor said.

Kitari looked at the people that were in the small town. His wings began to flutter, and then they stopped" So what are you guys waiting for, you got to start getting wood and ropes, you have to get busy making the wall” he said looking at all of the villagers. The men stood and started to hack away at trees with what ever they could find, mainly hatchets but for those who didn't have hatchets they used some swords and axes from the weapons shop. Kitari looked at the woman and laughed "That means you to, if you don’t have a child then get up and start working, every one is equal in this town, not one of you is better then the others.” he said looking at the women now raising off the ground, and they started to help the men get the wood.

Kitari looked over to the women that had children, and said" Ok well you all have one main thing to do, get those kids to stop crying, they are causing a little bit to much stress. All of you had already gone through a serious loss and this much more stress will just be way too much. The women soon got their kids to quiet, and once they did Kitari smiled. He looked to the mayor, and his head tilted "what are you waiting for" he said looking at him."

"What do you mean?" the mayor asked.

"You have to help to, once they see they have a mayor that is willing to get dirty just like the rest of them, they would be more willing to hear what you have to say, show them what kind of leader you really are" Kitari said as his eyes became green.

The Mayor looked at him, and then said "what about them?" he said pointing to the women.

"They can take care of them selves; you go and help cut the wood." Kitari said looking at the mayor, a little disdain showing, as he realized the mayor not be the best of the men to run the place, but he decided not to pay that any real attention.

Kitari looked at the mayor, and slowly walked to him. Kitari’s main reason from coming back to the town has just re-entered his head, his mind was back on trying to get revenge for his hometown. His eyes stayed on the mayor. Kitari looked at the mayor eye to eye, and then he started to ask him questions.

“Why did the angels attack? Why didn’t my race fight back? Where do these angels live? How was the one leading the angels when they attack?” These were the four main questions that Kitari asked the mayor.

The mayor looked at Kitari and sighed, “Listen, the Angels attacked because they were threatened by your race. The person leading the Angels was the 4-winged angel called Michael. The place where these Angels live is to the far north, it is a place they call Haven.

Kitari looked at the Mayor and nodded, all but one of his questions were answered, but that only meant one thing, my race did fight back, but he still didn’t know why they didn’t win. Kitari’s wings started to flutter first from the tips of the wings, and then it soon ran down to the base of his wing. He started to lift off. The mayor looked at Kitari, and screamed” What do we do when we are done making the wall?”

“You have to make the houses, and rebuild the roof to the bar” he said looking down at the mayor, his eyes glowing green, and then they began to glow blue.

“Thank you… but what is your name” said the mayor.

“My name is Kitari… Kitari Kistuga” said Kitari. His eyes leaving the small town, as he started to fly north.

Kitari’s travels soon brought him upon another town his eyes seemed to scan the town to see if there were any demons, or any angels. His wings slowly began to stop as he got closer and closer to the town. Soon Kitari came to a complete stop, his eyes staying on one spot, the pub, Kitari knew that in a pub, people talk, and when people talk, others listen.

Kitari flew down to the door of the pub, and folded his wings. His wings became infused into his back, which made it seem like he was a human. Kitari walked through the doors if the pub, a lot of people were in there drinking what ever they could get their hands on. A few of the savages were drunk and sunken over their table. But the many that were not drunk seemed to be talking their heads off, or fighting in a drunken rage.

Kitari took a seat down at an empty table, a person that was sitting close to him started to talk to his friend.

“Did you hear, 10 years ago some demon race was destroyed by angels?

“Really, I never heard of that, but do you know why?”

“No not really, I only heard that the Demon mayor was going to attack the angels. The Mayor was supposedly a demon that had previous experiences with the angels.”

“Wow, and I thought that they would gang up and attack use Elves” he said looking at the other one.

“Hey don’t say that to loud, if you do that some one may hear, and in these parts people don’t take to much consideration for the Elves.”

Kitari looked at the people, and laughed, his long black wings seemed to just appear out of no where and open up. One of the people looked behind his friend and started to mutter “d….d….demon” but his friend only laughed.

“Like there would be a demon in these parts, they were all wiped out… or well the main ones” he said looking at his friend, before turning to see Kitari. The man’s eyes became the same color as a snow. They were as white as it would get.

“So… you guys know a little something about my town” Kitari said looking at Elves. “My name Is Kitari I could really care less about what your names are, I only want to know how you know of my city, and how you know of what happened.

“Well… my name is T'puuli Dalhar my name is really derived from an ancient language called Drow” he said looking at Kitari.

“Yes I know I understand all Drow. But it’s easier for me if you just speak English. But I just want to know exactly you know.” Kitari said, looking at the Elf.

“Ok, ok” said T'puuli Dalhar “The only thing I really know is that your mayor, was a man that was held captive by the angels before he went on to being the mayor of your town. But about 10 years ago, the angels sent a spy into the demon town, or Xunin as you may know of it. And the angel heard that the mayor was going to send an army into the angel home and kill all of them, even the women and children.”

Kitari’s eyes began to turn red “No, he would never do that Xunin was a small town that minded it own business. They were never forced to go into war, nor did they ever want to go into war. Xunin was a kind of town that would watch a kid after he/she goes to school, and leaves school. They are the kind of people that would do anything they could to help out a family that needed help.”

The Elf looked at him and tilted his head” Where have you been the past few hundred years, after a child killed his family and burned them all in his house.”

Kitari looked at him and pulled out a knife hidden in his boot and put it to the guys neck “Now I’m getting mad, for one: I am the child, two I did not kill anyone except for my father, three he is the one that killed my mother, my brothers, and my sister” Kitari said looking at him “and four I did burn down my house, but only because my whole family said they didn’t want to be buried, they wanted to be cremated.” Kitari moved the blade away from the Elf’s neck.

“Ok I get your point, but that was hundreds of years ago, but how could you be here now?” said the elf.

“I am here because demons can live for thousands of years” said Kitari, his eyes now turning blue, he looked at the elf. His wings folding back now, he looked at the elves and smiled a bit. “Well I thank you for all of your help, I’m off now for Haven” said Kitari as he walked away, and looked at the door.

“By the way, do you know a guy name Michael” said Kitari.

“Yes… why?” asked the Elf.

“Because I am going to kill him and ever one of his angel friends” said Kitari.” I’m off now, bye” said Kitari, his eyes glowing a deep forest green, with a swirl of red going around the pupil of the eye.

The color’s of his eyes change at different moods, for example: blue means calm, green means tranquil or peace of mind, red means anger, and black means pure hatred. There are mixes of certain colors like green and red which would mean tat a person has found complete tranquility but to stay like that, they may have to kill someone.

Kitari found him self flying over a small lake, and to his astonishment he noticed that he kind of reeked from all the fighting and bar traveling he’s been doing. He flew down and removed his shirt. Kitari bent down next to the lake and smiled as he put his shirt under the water. He slowly moved the shirt back and forth, small puddles of dirt and grime would be seen leaving the shirt and floating down to the muddy floor. Kitari then removed his jeans and put them into the water, swirling it around much like he did with his shirt. But this time there was blood and dirt coming off the shirt. His eyes glowing green, no sign of hatred in him at all.

Kitari would the pull some vines away from some of the trees that sat near the lake, and would time one side of the vine to a tree, and the other to an adjacent tree. He would then hang the shirt and jeans onto the vine.

Kitari would take a spot and reside for a while, his eyes slowly closing, and arms slowly fell to his sides. His mind went into a deep concentration about what he was going to do to the Angel Michael, but soon he fell victim to what all people do when they had a long day, he fell asleep.

“Teacher!” Kitari yelled as he ran into the dojo, his eyes scanning the room for his teacher. “Teacher! Where are you? I need to show you something” said Kitari. Behind Kitari a sound of wood bending would be heard it was slight, but it was there. Kitari turned and there his teacher was standing in the door way. The teacher was a man of age 35. His eyes were crystal blue, much like kitari’s was. This man knew how to use a sword, or a bow, and even a bow and arrow, Kitari learned much from him, and would continue learning no matter how old Kitari got.

“So what do you have to show me?” said kitari’s teacher. The teacher bent down and got face to face with Kitari a smile emerged on his lips as he looked at Kitari.

“Teacher look…” said Kitari his hand opened up and there was a grasshopper in his hand. The small insect was about to jump out of kitari’s hand but Kitari closed his hand quickly and looked up at his teacher. “I did exactly was you wanted me to, I caught the one thing that most interested me” said Kitari.

“Ok now, can you do me one more thing” said the teacher as he looked at Kitari.

“Yes anything teacher…” Kitari said with a little more enthusiasm but one thing was different Kitari paused at the end of his sentence which usually meant that he thought he would be done with that lesson.

“I want you to let it go, I want you to let the grasshopper go. By doing this you will become one with the nature and how hard certain circumstances will be” the teacher looked at Kitari and smiled for a second. “You may not understand what I mean now, but sometime in the future you will have to let something go, no matter how hard it may seem.” The teacher looked at Kitari with such love in his heart even Kitari knew that what his teacher said was true.

Kitari walked over to a small row of bushes and let the grasshopper free… free from its cell its jail, the place that is also known as kitari’s hands. Kitari looked up at his teacher and smiled.

Kitari awoke the next day, his shirt and pants dry and ready to be worn. Kitari tried to get off the floor, but for some reason he couldn’t. He looked down at his arms, and legs and he noticed that he was bound to the floor, unable to move and unable to get to his weapons. Kitari tried and tried to move from the spot he was stuck to, but to no avail. Kitari just sat there and looked at the trees across from him.

“So how strong do you find your self now” said a cloaked man that walked in front of him. The cloaked man kept his face and head hidden under the hood. But the main clothes of him were still viable through the cracks of the cloak.

“How about I bite your Elvin face of your off, and spit it on the dirty ground” Kitari said looking at the hooded figure.

“I…I don’t know what you mean by that, I most certainly not an Elf” said the hooded person looking at Kitari.

“T'puuli Dalhar just shut up and reveal your self I know it’s you, not only buy your clothes, but by that voice of yours” he sad looking at the Elf in front of him, his eyes now turning red with anger, not only was he being held captive by the most annoying person ever, he was being lied to.

“Ok, ok you got me” said T'puuli Dalhar. T'puuli Dalhar took off his cloak and looked at Kitari. T'puuli Dalhar smiled just for a second before pulling out a knife and getting near Kitari. “So… how do you feel now that I have a knife to your neck, and not vise versa.

“So why do you insist on killing me” said Kitari looking at T'puuli Dalhar his yes now turning blue, as a smirk came across his lips.

“I’m only going to do to you, what you treated to me” said T'puuli Dalhar he got a little closer to Kitari and had the knife about 1 foot away from the demons neck.

“I never threatened you… I don’t know what….” Kitari then stopped and looked at the Elf. “So your one of Michael friends aren’t you” Kitari said looking at the Elf as a smirk shined even more then it did at first.

“Wow aren’t we a fast learner” said the Elf. The elf looked at Kitari and began to laugh “I don’t know why you are smiling when you are about to die” said the elf, the Elf stayed in one spot.

“How are you going to kill me when you don’t even know how to tie someone down” said Kitari as his wings flung open lifting Kitari 10 feet into the air his wings started to flap faster and faster as Kitari lifted into the air.” You should learn to tie down the wings of a demon before you let them wake up.” Said Kitari as he pulled his hands to the front of him, and then bit the ropes off his hands. Kitari then untied his feet and flew down and grabbed his weapons.

“d**n I knew I should have tied them down, I can’t believe I didn’t do that.” He said looking at Kitari, his eyes widened as he saw that Kitari got his weapons and got free in such a short time.” Oh nuts I’m in trouble now” the Elf started to run, off into the trees trying to hid from Kitari.

“Oh you think that you can really get away from me now, not only did you tie me down in my sleep and lie to me, you are also the “Angels” friend” screamed Kitari into the trees. Kitari’s eyes started to change color again. This time they turned to a light fluorescent green much like they did back in the other town. He looked out into the trees and bushes and there he was… hiding in the bushes like a cat that had just been chased by a dog. His eyes looked at the elf and started to laugh. “I’m coooommmmmiiiiiinnnnggggg” said Kitari as he looked at the elf.

Kitari flew into the forest dodging most of the trees, and the only ones that he did not get out of the way in time seemed to ripped in half buy the blades that had just appeared on his shoulders. Kitari started to get close to where the elf was, but at the last second the elf jumped into the trees and ran off in the opposite direction. The elf would let out a small yelp as it stepped into a tree full of thorns.

Kitari turned his eyes back to the other direction and stopped immediately; his eyes turned to the Elf and laughed a little. “Have fun while you can because once I catch you… you wont be living soon after” Kitari flew after the man, un-sheathing his sword. Kitari flew at the guy and laughed a little a bit “It’s time for your down fall” said Kitari his eyes turning red now, and his vision out of heat-vision. Kitari pulled the sword to his side just as he reached up to the Elf. He out the sword just far enough out to cut the ankle of the Elf, making the elf fall from the tree and hit the floor.

“See, just like I said, your down fall” Kitari said laughing as he watched the man land head first onto the floor. Kitari watched the elf try and get back up, but the elf failed every time.

“Ok… just kill me and get over it” said the Elf. “I have nothing to live for, just kill me. It’s not like you were going to let me live anyway” said the elf. The elf had a hint of sarcasm in his voice, but then again he was truly serious.

Kitari looked at the elf, and laughed for a second, as he flew down. Kitari knelt next to the Elf and smiled “You want to die don’t you?” he said looking down at him.

“Yes…” said the elf looking at him. Kitari was able to tell the Elf was scared.

Kitari looked at him and laughed. Kitari put vines around the Elf’s feet, and the Elf’s hands. He then tied the hands and the feet together. Taking the rope used on him, he then tied the rope around the vines on the Elf’s feet and hands. “I am going to do to you, what you did to me, but only better” said Kitari as he threw the rope over a branch and pulled on the rope, lifting the Elf into the air. The elf was only about a foot off the floor when Kitari tied the rope to the tree, and left him hanging.

“Well now do you see what I mean” said Kitari. Kitari then cut the Elf on the arms and legs, that way the smell of blood would fill the air. He looked at the elf and smiled for a second, but the smile would soon fade. “Well I bet the wolves would be hungry tonight… don’t you think?” said Kitari as he looked at him..

“You really wouldn’t do that… would you” said the Elf.

“Yes I would, oh and before I forget” said Kitari. He pulled out a cloth from his pocket and put it into the Elf’s mouth

“Now you can’t talk you little… little worm” Kitari said, making it sound like a joke… like the whole thing was a joke.

“Mmmmre oooo mmmmmeally mmmmmoinnn mmmmoooo meeeeep mmmmmmeeeee mmmmeeeeerrreee mmmmmmiiiiiikkkkkkeeeee mmmmmmmiiiiiissssssssss?” mumbled the Elf, what he was really trying to say wouldn’t come out correctly.(are you really going to leave me here like this)

Kitari started to walk away, and then he realized something. Kitari turned to the Elf and smiled “I forgot one thing, I have wings” he said looking at the Elf, as he spread his wings and flew into the sky. He looked down at the Elf and then said “Chao” and he flew off, going north again.

The Elf hung there, swaying the in winds, in the back ground you would hear twigs breaking, and branches snapping. He Elf looked behind him as far as he could, but he saw nothing. By the time the Elf turned around, there was a pack of blood thirty wolves were looking at him dead in the face.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed the elf as the wolves started to howl. All the wolves had the same thing on mind, they were all hungry, and there was only one thing that would be able to full fill what they wanted.

Kitari soon arrives to haven, he looked at the gates to the place that the angles resided. He walked up to them and tried to open them, but to no avail. He looked at the guy standing next to the gate. “Let me in… now” Kitari demanded, his eyes turning red, Kitari wasn’t about to come all this way and not get in. Kitari slowly walked over toward the guy, only to notice that he was an angel. Kitari’s pulled out his sword as was about 5 feet from the angel before he was pushed back by some kind of energy.

“W…what the” Kitari said looking at the angel.

“You don’t know a lot about angels do you” said the angel, his eyes white like snow. “And you know what, just for pulling your sword out, I won’t even think about letting you in, the only way you’re getting in is if you can fly.

“Really? Is that all I have to do” said Kitari, his eyes turning blue, and then green. “That’s easy enough” he said laughing, looking at him.

“What do you mean that would be easy enough, you just a human with a bad temper” the angel said, not noticing the wings, and not seeing the change in kitari’s eyes.

“When I’m done in there, you will get you just dues for calling me a human” Kitari said looking at the guy. As he spread his long black feathery wings. The light from the sun seemed to glimmer on the wings, they gave the true beauty of the wings, and made them look even better then they already looked. The angel looked at Kitari, the angels eyes widened and the angel let out a small shriek.

Kitari flew to the top of the gate, which was really only 200 feet in the air. His eyes looked down at the town below. His eyes caught sight of a pub, his eyes widened, and then they went to normal. “Is there a pub in every town, city, or city.” Kitari said to him self. He flew down to the bottom, and then started to concentrate Kitari's wings started to change white, his eyes turned to a crystal blue, and his hair became a bright white.

Kitari walked into the pub and sat down, for once in his life he actually sat down next to a lot of people that actually had wings. He looked at all of the people, and then he just sat there, hoping to hear about Michael.

“Hey Charles, are you going to buy a new weapon for the tournament coming up?”

“Nope, I’m going to use my trusty old one”

“Hey George did you hear a demon has been going through the cities asking about what happened to Xunin?”

“That’s impossible, no one survived that place, so how could that be true. I was there I was with them as they burned and killed of the demons, I should know.

Kitari’s hand clenched and he looked at the people he tried as hard as he could to stay in control of his anger, and he did.

“Michael there we have to go, the queen wants you, she said it was something about a demon, but I’m not quite sure if that is totally true.” Said a knight of Haven.

“Ok ill go to her right away” said Michael as he walked out of the pub, and disappeared through the crowd.

“So Michael is here, now all I have to do I find the rest of the people that were there and then I can take care of all the other people” said Kitari as his eyes turned to a green.

An angel walked over to the Kitari and sat down next to him. The angel looked at Kitari and smiled “I’m with you man. Michael had my brother and my dad beheaded I don’t like him. And for the rest of them, I really don’t like them, I could care less. They all think that they own the place. Working people like me should have more say then them.

Kitari looked at the angel and tilted his head “I like the way you talk, and by the way just incase you didn’t know, I’m a demon, and I am proud to be one.” Kitari looked at the angel and laughed, his eyes glowing a blue and then he turned to the door. “But first we have to get into the castle if we don’t, we may not get our chance.

The two left walking toward the castle it would seem like they would have a great friendship, even if they weren’t going to live for a long time. They opened up the door to the castle….
-If you want me to think outside the box, then can you please open the box and let me out-