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The Ebony Heart
« on: December 25, 2007, 07:05:33 AM »
“Insolent fool! Did I say that you can speak. You have lost all right to speak.” Said the guard that was watching the prisoner. The prisoner glared at the guard, and then began to laugh, the laugh was like acid being poured into your ears, but it left a high pitch ringing sound, as if someone was scratching nails into a black board. His crimson red eyes just sat there staring, not moving, not changing, no expression now left on his face.

“ Do you now understand if I wished to leave this place I would have a long time ago, no man made objects could ever hold me, nothing on this d**ned earth would be able to hold anytying like the likes of me.” Spoke the prisoner. The prisoner was nothing like a normal human, his skin was black like the charred lands of Crychemerre, or on earth you would compare it to that of the rocks left over after a volcano erupts. His eyes the color of blood, and his hair as white as a new winter day’s snow.

“I said DON’T SPEAK!” the guard yelled, as he slammed a club acrossed the prisoners head, but nothing happened to the prisoner, infact the prisoner just started to laugh. The guard looked at the club as seen the the club had cracked right down the middle, and had started to separate. “W-w-w-what are you!, I know you’re not human, and I know you’re not from this earth. But even the strongest of people should have fallen to a blow like that.”

The prisoner looked at him and his eyes seemed to squint, not from the light, not because something flew in his eyes, or even because of thinking, but it squited only because of the smirk that had found its way onto the lips of this monster. “Me, I am nothing more then a lowly.. Well I’m not sure what your translation would be, but I think you would call me a… um Demon.” You would hear the sound of skin ripping, and bones breaking. A whirlwind of light and sound seemed to flow from his body at this point. The weight of the club that was in the guards hand seemed to grow heavy, and hit the floor, th ground seemed to crack under the pressure. The man soon fell to the floor as well, his bones breaking and his head crushed under the pressure, but what happened? Was this some kind of spell? Well the prisoner didn’t even know. All he the prisoner was going to do was show off his pretty looking white feathered wings. But that’s when it happened, the prisoner fell to the floor, and grabed his head, letting out the more horrifying screech that you would have ever heard. “Kitari, what are you doing in this place, you must get out, and find it, you… must… get… out!” and at the word out, the walls of the building were blown out.

Kitari was about to walk out of the now shattered wall, but there was only one problem. He was 20 stories high, and one of his wings were injured, but this was the only way out. Kitari took a step and started to fall, but not even a small sign of fear had been shown on his face, about halfway down, he put his hand into the wall. Kitari continued to fall but at a slower rate, his hand turned into claws and he shuved his foot into the same wall, his foot growing out like that of some kind of wolf creature, but the rest of his body stayed the same. Kitari hit the floor as if landing on a soft bed, well as soft as a hard concreat floor could be.

“Grab that Prisoner!” screamed one of the guards, but before the guard could even get close enough to Kitari, the guard had fallen dead, not do to an attack from a sword or a gun, or a crossbow, or even a knife, but from a small jagged rock that had fallen from the building that kitari just destroyed with his hand and foot.

“Wow, umm ok. I didn’t see that coming, but that is quite funny” Kitari walked over to the now dead guard and kneeled down. “Umm sorry about that, but I think Ill be taking this” Kitari picked up the keys that were dangling around the guards waist. He looked up and saw a few more guards that were running his way, and then sighed. “Why don’t these guys ever quit” Kitari looked down at the guard and sawthe sword that was sheathd at his waist, and then toward the guards. Kitari started to walk toward them, the sword staying with the dead guard. Kitari waited for the guards to get close, bot of them grabing for their swords, and afer a few seconds both of them were dead. Kitari whiped the blood off the keys and started to walk toward the gate of this high maitanence facility prison facility. Just as Kitari reached the gates he turned around and saw a rifle team lined up to shoot at him, he turned around and saw that the gate was not locked, since the two guards that came running toward him were standing on the outside of the gate to begin with, and were in too much of a hurry that they forgotton lock the gate. Kitari looked at the guards and then laughed, a few of them cringed, the others just stood there, not affected by the sound at all. Kitari ducked to the floor and covered himself with his wings, the guns took fire, feathers flying everywhere, destroying their view of the target. By the time the feathers hit the floor, Kitari was gone.

“Wow are they stupid, this is the 3rd time that they have tried this, but everytime I get out, and evrytime they do the same thing. Kitari was now walking his way through this town, that he had grown quite fond of, since this is where he seemed to be finding himself everytime he escaped from the jail. Kitari walked past the pub and you could hear a few of the human drunkards laughing.

“Look o’er dere, he gots him” the man hick uped “ self away from dat jail place agern.” The man practically fainted from the high amounts of alcohol that would be found running through his blood stream. The smell of oysters, peanuts and beer could be smelled from hundreds of feet away. The people found here would be the drunks, the city prostitutes, and the suicidal hard asses. “Ok your turn” said that man handing the other guy the gun, you could tell they were playing Russian Roullet. The man laughed and pulled the trigger, his head seemed to be a lovely to touch to the paint job that the bartender had done for the pub. A man started to chuckle, and then spoke “That was the eight time that trigger was pulled, I saw that was going to die from a mile away” The man that was playing Russian Roullet with the guy, at first looked startled, and then started to laugh “Wow, I could have sworn I put in a Blank… Well I’m glad it was his turn” the man drank his beer, and then left the bar.

Kitari started to walk again, Making his was down past the front gates and into the forest, he walked for a while, long enough for the sun to set, and to have gotten some distance from the city. Kitari walked into a small river and followed it up stream some, staying in the water so that the guards would not be able to follow him. After about 3 hours of walking Kitari diped his wings into the water, the water seemed to cause a healing affect to his wings. The feathers grew back, the wounds healed, and they seemed to glow. Why didn’t kitari do this earlier?, why did he wait so long to heal something that seemed like it would be easy to heal. The reason behind this was simple. When he gets cut, its not like a normal persons cut that causes a scent to come out even more, but instead the scent is hidden, almost in untraceable. He wanted to make sure he was far enough away that the guards would not be able to track him, even with dogs. Kitari flew out of the water and went sabout 200 feet into the forest, finding his way to a very soft, comfortable rock, behind a small water fall. He closed his eyes, and after a few seconds of peace and tranquility he fell asleep.

He found him self walking across a medow of green grass and flowers, the smell of fresh picked apples would have been still lingering in the air. His steps were soft, and the sky was clear. Kitari continued to walk, his wings folded behind him, and a smile was on his face. He started to approach some woman, and his smile grew, and hers grew, her eyes seemed to almost glow a crimson red they were. Her skin, her hands, her eyes, her hair, even he smell was just like that of Kitari. As she spoke it was nothing like his voice, it was soothing, and almost trancing, she was only a little shorter the kitari, but not many people were his height since he was about 6 foot 6 in height, she was only 6 foot 2. “ Hey there, Hows your day been? I hope you had fun with the guys, doing what ever it is that you all do”He looked down at her and smiled even more, laying a soft kiss upon her lips, watching her eyes as they seemed to close slowly. Hey arms wrapping around his neck, and his around her waist, embracing her in his grip. His wings spread out and wrapped around them, the warmth from the wings seemed to stop all of spring winds. Her wing spread open and covered their heards, stopping the suns light from getting to them, but they still were able to see as if the was there. Their hair gave off a bright white glow in the dark, but the glow made the eyes look blue in color.

“Die you fiend!” screamed some creature the outside of them, as he plunged his sword through the womans back, piercing her organs, the sword soon coming out of the chest of the woman.

Kitari jumped back and just barely missed the sword. Kitari grabed the creature by his throat and ripped out the tracea from the monster, and started to chew on it infront of the monster. He pulled the sword out of his wife. And tried to heal her, but nothing seemed to work. Hs tears would run off his face, and fall slowly, or at least it fell like they fell slowly, as they hit the womans face, they splattered, reformed, and continued to roll across her face. Kitari got up and flew to the elders of their world and asked for their help, the only thing they said was “FIND THE CRYSTAL S”

Kitari awoke screaming, and he looked around, he wa still on the rock that he had fallen asleep on, he sood up and spread his wings. “I must find it, I must, ots the only way to save her. Kitari heard that it had been residing in the lands of Earth some where, but was never told where exactly it was. He had heard soe clues that the item was in the lands that the Earthlings call, Europe. Kitari flew out of the water fall, and off toward some castle. He heard some people the day before talking about this item that the royal guards had found while exploring some caves east of there. The people said that the item seemed to cure wounds or bring life back to the lifeless, but onmly on occasion. So that’s where Kitari was heading.

Kitari felt like he was flying for hours and hours, not knowing that he was being followed. He flew in through some window in the top of the palace’s east tower. He started to walk down the stairs, and then out the front doors, and made his way across the courtyard. The courtyard, was filled with flowers like: Roses, orchids, dandilions, and even Belladonas, but even Kitari knew that this certain flower were illegal. He walked toward some guard and just perches him self on the gate behind him, and then smiled “So this item that the other guards found, where is it?” asked Kitari. The guard didn’t even turn to look at him.

“ You should know that… Its in the master bed room with the queen” the guard laughed and stayed on his watch, “I haven’t heard your voice before, you new here?” asked the guard.

“ Yea, very new, infact, Im so new here, that even the Captain of the guards dosnt even know me. Said kitari with a chuckle.

“ I know you are lieing now, since you are a” the guard turned, and withing in seconds the was dead, stabed with his own sword. The guard started to twitch, but soon stopped.

Kitari grabbed the guard and flew off to the tower again, stripping the guard of his belongings, and changed into his clothes. Kitari made his way into the entrance of the castle, gurads walking past him, and the comoners that were to speak to the queen and king all saw him, they all said nothing. At this point Kitaris face was covered with the face mask of the helmet. He started to wlak up the stairs andtoward the corridor, there was a guard standing guard out front of the Queens room.

“What are you doing here you are” he was cut short, since Kitari had started to speak.

“ You must report to the Captain at once, he has found proof that you ad been stealing from the treasury”

“ The guards eyes widened, and he started to stammer “ B-b-but I didn’t do anything of the sort” The guard ran off down the stairs, and as he did that Kitari found his way into the Queens Chamber. He found it, the one item that he had been looking for the “Crystal Serpent Staff of King Kalafides, the First Crychemerrian king ever

“About time, I better hurry” Kitari flew out the window, and about 300 feet into the sky. And he stopped, he closed his eyes and started to chant, the air seemed to thin, and become distorted. As kitari opened his eyes, the distortion turned red and black, and then opened up rift between worlds, the other side leading to Crychemerre, Kitari’s home planet. Kitari flew in, and right behind him, flew in some kind of invisable being, that even kitari didn’t see. Kitari continued to fly, and he flew, and he flew, after 6 hours, he found him self standing over his wifes dead body. Kitari held out the staff, near his wife, but nothing happened, Kitari grew angry, and started to yell “ What the hell is wroung with this!, why the hell isn’t this work…” he stopped, and the staff started to glow, the wunds seemed to heal, and the body grew warm, and her body started to rise, but something wasn’t right. She made no facial expression, she made no movements, and said nothing. Kitari hugged her, but she did nothing. Kitari looked at her, and he started to freak out “ Say something! Don’t just stand there”

She turned her head toward him, her eyes looking at him, but she said nothing. The wand did bring her back to life, but absolutley every emotion, all her memories, her strength, her glow, everything was gone. It was as if she had no soul. The invisable creature came out of no where and killed the woman again. Kitari stood there shocked, not saying anything, losing all his strength, and all his dreams, wants, and desires. The creature showed him self, and it was not a creature at all, it was the elder that told him about the staff in the first place “ You never stayed long enough for me to tell you what the staff did. Yes it does bring the being’s life back to life, but not the same. The creature will be there, or the person, or even the plant, but the plant will not grow any mor ethen how it was before. The person that is brought back, is nothing but an empty shell of what it was before. Im sorry Kitari, But there is nohing you can do.”

“There has to be something that brings her sould back to her body! There… must…. Be” He said, wirth a small glimmer of hope in his voice.

“Well there is, but this is an item called “ The Ebony Heart of Dark Lord” and it can only be found on Satrius” he said looking at Kitari.

“The… Angelic home land….” Kitari took flight into the sky, opening another rift.

The rift opened up in front of the Castle of a close friend. itari hadn't been here for many years, and he knew that the administration in such places are always getting changed, so he knew he would end up getting into some kind of trouble or another.

An explosion of Basil and Garlic rushed Kitari at full force, the smell practically burning the hairs out of his nose. The floor below him was made of marble, the walls made of granit and black steel. There was a long purple and red carpet was rolled up to what looked like an oversized dinner table. There were pictures of what looked like some kind of King or arbiter, orsome kind of high level person. He looked around the room and laughed abit “Well this is a strange place, I wonder what this place is” his eyes darted toward what looked like a glass case, the things contained in this glass case was a few staffs that had crystals or diamonds on the top, the metal of the staff looked almost green in color, nothing that looked human at all. He looked toward a doorway, but the door way had no doors, there was only a long table that could fit maybe twenty people, nine seats on either side, and then one seat at each end the other two ways.

“Hey who are you?!” screamed a guard looking at Kitari, the guard wore cast iron body armour, chain mail, and claymore at his side. The guard had a blad head, a long scare across one eye as if cut by a sword, and another on his cheeck, though this one made it look like he was hit by a blunt object. The guard walked toward Kitari, standing about ten feet away from him, not getting too close, since the only thing he saw was a demon, black charred skin, and crimson red eyes. He looked at Kitari, patiently waiting for a response.

“Well you see, I smelled the wonderful aroma of food from down the driveway. And I’m parched, I have been traveling for weeks and had nothing but water and bread. Im so hungry for food, I would kill for it.” And at that Kitari, laughed, his eyes glowing crimson red, and the smell of blood filled the room. The sound of bones breaking, and skin ripping could be heard, but Kitari never mde a move, his eyes stayed on the guard, not a cringe, not a sound, his breathing even stayed the same. You would see 2 long pieces of bone shoot out from his back, ripping through the coat that he was wearing, the bone seemed to be connect by two pieces of cartilage. Vains seemes to creep up the bone, then muscle, and that, and then the skin it self. A thick almost cotten looking cloth like hair started to sprout, in one spot here, and one spot there, and then all at one time, until the hair was almost five or so inches off of the skin on his wings. And then, the hair started to deteriorate, the only thing left after the hair was gone was feathers and small white hairs that could be seen sticking out from below the feathers. The feathers were actually black in color, but the hair, white, the only thing you could see on hisface was a small smirk.

“What… what the hell…” a look of shock could be seen on his now pitch white face, it was s if this guard had just seen a ghost, and the keen hearing that Kitari had would have let you know that the guards heart skipped a beat. The thick scent of ammonia soon covered the smell of the basil and garlic, now its not the only the garlic and basil the burned the hair out of his nose but, the smell of urine that could be seen flowing out of the armor of the guard. “Aww did you have a wittle accident” asked Kitari acting like he was talking to a little kid.
The guard looked down at him self, and his face soon turned beat red, you could easily see that the guard was getting extreamly irritated by Kitari. The guard started to charge at Kitari, sword unsheathed and the look of revenge across his small beat red like face. Just as he swung the claymore at Kitari, you would see Kitari laughed, and just ducked under the swing. Kitari kicked the guard in the leg and caused him to fall to the floor, the sword piercing the ground below him, and the guards face hitting the hilt of the blade.

A man walked out from the door way and called out to the guard “What are you doing! Get on your feet man, and say sorry to Kitari! At this moment!” The other man being Terage the Guard Captain.

“ I am… Sorry” said the guard, blood running down his face from the now broken nose he had.

“Clean yourself up, You are a disgrace to the Guards. I want you to scrub the bathrooms, and clean the floors with your tooth brush” said Terage, the captain laughed at the man and shook his head. He oon turned toward Kitari and smiled “I am glad to see that you were able to find us, Welcome. I only wish he will be able to do the same thing on day.” He said jestured toward the other guard.

The guard walked off mubling profanity under his breath. He looked back toward Kitari, while Terage was turned the other way, he moved his hand in a slicing motion on his neck, as if telling Kitari that he was a dead man.

“What is up with him. I though guards were supposed to be strong, they should have seen the worst in battle, and should be able to… hold their bladder” he said pointing toward the now drenched floor where the guard was standing when he urinated all over himself.

“ Yes I know, and I never would have thought that he would have done something like this, you know, like Urinate on him self.” He said with a chuckle, his eyes watching Kitari, as if trying to look for a weak spot on Kitari, but there was none.

“Yes, well now lets get down to buisness. I have been searching for something called the Ebony Heart of…” he stopped to the sound of his stumache growling. Kitari chuckled a bit and finished his sentence “Dark Lord” he said with a small almost embarassed look on his face.

“Yes I know what you are speaking of, but there is only one problem. We can not just give something like that away. We are though having a competition, a fighting competition that is. To prove your strength, you must prove how strong you are, and if you win that is what we will assign to you as a prize, instead of the 4 million dollars worth of gold, that we will be giving to the winner.” The guard smiled and looked at Kitari, and said nothing.

“So exactly how long will this competition take, I need to get that heart, and fast, you see I need the heart for..” kitari was stopped by Terage.

“ I don’t care what you need it for, if you need it you need it. I have heard roumours of what it could do, so I really don’t have any interest in it anyway” Terage look at him and just smiled “ Well actually it matters about how long you will let the fights take, its up to you how long it will be. The faster you kill the other people. The faster you will get your prize” and at that Kitari lauged.

“Well in that case, show me my first competitor, and ill start killing them now.” The guard looked at him and just laughed, and shook his head.

“ You see, its not like that. You have to wait till tomorrow and fight them in the court yard just like every one else. The rules are, you will fight one on one. And at that same time, everyone else will be figting their opponent. You may jump into another fight if you think you are ready, or wait till they are done. There will be one hundred people in this competition, all of them have a son that will carry on the family name. The last person standing will vbe the winner.” Terage said with a smile looking at Kitari. “But for now, Lets get you something to eat.” Said Terage with a smirk.

Kitari was about to speak, and then a look of embrassment ran across his face again, his face seemed to turn red, jut as another growl from his stomache would be heard again. Kitari just simply nodded his head and started toward one of the doors, and just stopped and looked at Terage “Umm this is the way right?” asked Kitari.

“You tell me, you were the one that was able to smell the food from don the driveway, all you have to do is follow the smell” Terage smiled

“Oh, well in that case… wait! You mean you were listenening to the whole thing. You mean you actually waisted my time with that guy, when I could have been told exactlywhat I had to do, and..” kitari stopped to the sound of Terage laughing.

“No you see, it was a lesson to that guard, just yestarday he was talking about he was the strongest in the land, how he feared no one, and would fight anything, no matter what it was. And I used you as a way to break that though process he had, and hopefully he will be a better man because of it” said Terage with absolut;ly no expression on his face.

Kitari laughed and looked at him “Oh well in that case” the smell of onions started to make his eyes tear up, and then burn. He covered his eyes and walked toward where he first stood “Oh my god, of all the things that would affect me on this d**ned earth, you tell me that some vegatable would be the one thing that defeats me” Kitari uncovered his face and looked toward Terage who was now practically rolling on the floor from laughter.

“The all mighty Kitari, beaten by a lowly vegetable. You may not want to mention that to anyone, they may attack you with a carrott” Terage said barley able to catch his breath.

“What! What is that you say… a Carrot, what is a carrot, I never heard of this thing. Is it like a fruit or something. Don’t get me wroung or anything I know a lot about this place, just not all the weird foods you have.” Kitari looked at Terage being totally serious, and then laughed.

At that a man walked out from the kitched carring two plated and walked right past them, on the plates was a perfectly made itallian dish that most people call Spaghetti, the only thing that kitari would call it was d**n. Garlic bread was cooked to perfection, and the armoma was entrancing. The man placed them on the table that was in the other room, and walked back out, took a small bow, and held an open hand toward the door “Dinner is ready for the two of you, youma eat.”

The two walked into the room, an sat down, Kitari eating like a crazed loon, if you didn’t look at him long enough you would have though he was eating the food with his face, not even using the sthingy. Terage jut sat there and ate slowly, watching Kitari in amusement, neither one of them had spoke, and Kitari never even looked up. When kitari was done, he licked the plate clean and looked up, and then got that embarssed look on his face again…. “Im sorry, I really” he stopped and looked at Terage

“ No no, its fine, I believe that the Chef will be pleased that you loved his cooking so much that you practically ate the plate with it.” Said Terage with a smirk on his face.

“Umm, where is my room, that is, if there is a room for me. You see, sleeping in trees and on rocks is good and all, but I believe that a bed would be better. Oh and the bathroom, I would love to take a long hot bath. Oh and..” he stopped and looked at Terage “Never mind” he said looking at him.

“You may use the room that is just up those stairs, 4 doors down on your right side. The bath room that you are so desperatly waiting for is in the room that you will be sleeping in. Sharpening stones for your sword could be found in the black smiths room which is right across the way from you. And if you get hungry at any time, there is always a chef in th kitchen. Just ask him and he will make you anything you want” Terage smiled and watched Kitari, as he dissapeared around the corner, giving him a small smile as he walked out.

Kitari started to walk up the stairs, they were made of red wood, the railing was made of what looked like a Roman Cathlic Stained glass. If you looked up at the roof, you would notice that there were paintings of ancient fight seans that were known to all the humans. But not to Kitari, since he cared very little about the the Human history, he just continued walking. He soon reached his room, the door was made of Maple wood, with a carving of two Spartan helmets. One cracked acrossed the side as if destroyed by a sword, and the other was perfectly maintained, un touched, unscathed. Kitari opened the clean cut, none broken one as if hoping or good luck.

The room it self was beautifully furnished with a kind sized bed, with cast iron railing raising high toward the roof. The window being green in tint helped stop the bright sun from entering the room. There were more pictures on the wall, but not of any one important, or any one at all, but scenic, one was an ocean, another a forest, and the last was strange, the only thing that it had in it was a few shapes all red in color. Tye carpet was made of bear fur, and the fan was unique made of animal bones, and bat skin.

“Finally, now this is a place I could call home.” Kitari said to himself, as he laid down on the bed. The sun was low and starting to set, and kitaris tiredness was growing. His eyes started to get heavy and he said “Let me just….rest….my….eyes……a………bit” he soon fell asleep. The sounds of light noring could be heard through out the room, but not much further then that, his hair was askew, and his clothes were as dirty as dirty can be. He laid there, not moving, well excpet his nostrils that is.

Kitari found himself walking Ascross an open pasture, or well it was a pasture untill sulfur started to rain. From above you would see these winged creatures not of white feather or of black feathers, or even of black bat wings, or white bat wings. But these creatures had what looked like grey wings, neither Angelic, nor was it Demonic, but not even a physical wing like things they looked more like… smoke. Kitari looked at them, and the creatures started to terrorize the demons that inhabbited the land. He sat there and jus watched them, not able to move it was as if he was, held down by some kind of force. When he looked at his arms and feet he saw nothing, well at first it was nothing, but that nothing soon became something. It was strange this thing that held him down was not demonic, nor angelic, nor was it smoke, or magic, this thing that held him down was much bigger then that, much stronger, this thing that held him down was not physical, but mental, because it was fear. Kitari found him self shaking in his boots, un able to move, un able to breathe, he felt like he was going to faint and die, but… he knew not why.

“Arrrrrrggggggg!!!!” screamed Kitari, waking up in the middle of the night, not knowing what was going on. It was not like this had ever happened, he did not know why he was having this dream, but it felt so… Real. He looked at the wall and tried to catch his breath, which wasn’t so hard to do now. His eyes seemed to water for some reason, and a guard walked in.

“Everything… Ok?”asked the guard.

“ Yes everything is fine, theres nothing to worry about, I was just having a bad dream.” He looked at the guard, and smiled “Thank you for you conern, but if you continue to sit in here, I will have to dispose of you in a very crewl and painful way” he said with a smirk.

“Well in that case…” he said laughing hesitantly, he then gave a small uneasy smile, as he walked backwards out the door, practically tripping over him self, as the guard closed the door you would hear a sigh, and a small chuckle “Man I would kill him if he tried anything.”

At that Kitari threw his sword toward the door, the blade was well tanged as to not let the blade break, the sword cut cleanly through the doors, the blade not cutting the man, but coming out right next to his head, cutting the hair on one side. Kitari laughed, and rolled back on his side, laying down and just stairing out the window. He soon fell asleep again.

The guard pushed the sword back into the room, and looked through it, looking at kitari as he laid down on the bed, and the guard shook his head “Stupid Demons” the said as he looked at him. The guard turned around and started to walk, and he soon dissapeared.

Kitari woke up and started to streach his wings gave off a little ruffle, and then soon dissapeared into his back. He stood up and started to walk, his eyes lookingat his sword that was laying down on the floor. And shook his head “ I feel sorry for who ever pushed this back in.” he picked it up and started to walk, he soon found his way down the stairs and heard soo much noice he wanted to blow off his head. He looked out side and soon started to smile, his eyes widened and then he started to laugh “So, the battle begins” He said in a low voice to him self. Just as he steped out the door he as already struck. An arrow had hit him in the arm and kitari just shook his head “Wow, so this is going ot be fun” he pulled ther arrow out and he soon healed over.

Kitari pulled out his sword and just started taking one down, and then another, the weak ones died fast, but there seemed to be hundreds or demons, elfs, valkrie, angels, centours, and even regular humans. But one after another came, they all fell, anyone that got in Kitari’s way. He sat there and looked at the people, and not even attacking anymore, because rthe people dropped to fast when he struck them. The sword had a wired aura of its own, absorbing the life out of anything or anyone that touches it, but yet, not to Kitai, maybe that’s why the sword had chosen Kitari in the first place.

As the day went on, only a few people still remained, the others were taken to the furnace and were disposed of that way, the others whom had family there were taken back with them so that they could be burried.

And then there were one.

Kitari found him self in a one on one competition with this one guy. At first glance you would think he was human, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t demon, nor angel, and he wasn’t an elf or even a Valkrie, but yet he was there, standing in the sun light, the smell of death it self filled the air, and all the other guy could do was laugh. This man was pale skin, black hair, red eyes, and wore all black. This person had enlarged Canines, and his smiled was wiked, and withing the blink of an eye he was gone. Kitari laughed and turned his head looking at the man, his eyes seemed, calm. Kitari knew this was not a normal man, nor was he normal to his own race, since he was standing outside. This man was a Vampire.

“Well now, there aren’t many of you around here.. And shouldn’t you be like, burning into nothingness since the uv rays are what hurt you” kitari said being a smart ass.

“ No that does not relate to me. I am a very old vampire, and I have grown immune to the most of the things that hurt most vampires.” The vampire started to laugh as he plunged his dagger into Kitari’s side.

“ Wow, that was a cheap shot” Kitari stood there not saying anything, just looking at the vampire and gave a small smile not even flinching at the wound. Kitari pulled the knife out of his side and his wound sooned healed over again. It was not that he had some special healing power, but he was fiulled with magically enduced platelets. And for anyone that dosnt know what a Platlet is, it is the sticky part of your blood, that allows your body to heal. If you don’t have enough you bleed to death, and if you hav to many then you get blood clots. But Kitari’s was special, they multiply indefinatley when it hits a lot of oxygen.

The vampire steped back and just stared at the vampire, he sat there an said nothing, he did nothing, and and then he smiled “Well this should be fun” spoke the vampire.

“No, its not going to be fun. Excpecially for you” he pointed at the vampires leg and smiled, the vamipire soon fell to his knees, and then hit the floor. In the vampires leg was a tranquilizer, not totally putting the vampire to sleep. But just enoug to keep him awake, and weak enough to the point where he wont move.

The vampire sat there, the only thing moving was his eyes, and the frieght that had soon showed up on his face.

“ I carry that for special occasions, its too bad that I had t use it on you.” Kitari laughed, and shuved his sword through the vampires stumache, causing the vampire to let out a shriek of pain, the sword almost being what binds the vampire to the earth, but that which binds the vampire to the earth, was death. The sword gave out a grey glow, and turned black, the sword was happy.

Kitari walked toward the glass case And put his hand through it, pulling out the ebony heart and then dissapearing.
-If you want me to think outside the box, then can you please open the box and let me out-