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Star-gazers Field
« on: December 10, 2007, 04:39:09 PM »
Mow sat high in The lone tree of the field looking out to the lake as the stars glistened in the sky, their shine continued even in the ripples of the crystal clear lake below her. The field was flowered with Sweet Mountain Mint blossems growing everywhere, the smell soothed her nostrils with bliss. Her pale skin radiated with a gentle glow in the moonlight as she gazed down into the lake with Ice blue eyes. She wore a Tight black minniskirt, a black tank that revealed her belly, and boots. Her Burgany hair was tied into two petite buns in the back of her hear and a beat with vairious defensive weapons was tied around her waist.

Her ears were black and Catlike, along with a long black catlike tail that peacefully swayed back and forth. She sighed and gazed to the field,...waiting