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Party Gear, aka undistributed loot

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Ancient Gamer:
From the "merchant" Dog in Neon:
3 x combat knives with sheaths
5 x throwing knives with sheaths
1 x leather belt

Big pouch, leather:
1 x mysterious and advanced looking wrist PDA without any apparent power source

Textile backpack (Quilted):
2 x canned beef meat (produced in Corona)
1 x battered syringe partially filled with grey goo
2 x salted human noses, female
45 x human teeth
1 x worn plush bear

From Cancer:
220 rounds .22 caliber ammo
13 ceramic flasks of moonshine (1 metric litre)
1 mutton

From pit fight bet money:
20 x .38 super caliber (Jonathan's bet money)
1 x Military leather cartridge box
1 x Brown webbing cartridge belt with web loops for 30 cartridges
1 x Pair of police riot boots
1 x Smith & Wesson .38 super caliber pistol (Model SW1911 DK Pistol)

Green army truck
The Army truck is loaded with jerry cans containing gasoline

Black Pickup:
(luxuriously decorated, with black leather seats and crimson velvet interior. Furry dice hanging from the rearview mirror)

AG, do still have any of this stuff?

Ancient Gamer:
I nagged you guys for a bit about that equipment. I remember Ceres and Riv showing some interest in it, and I imagine bits and pieces were taken.

You guys haven't exactly been diligent about updating your equipment lists, but I have been doing some updating for you.

So, guys, if you took some of the above equipment, and it is not in your list, tell us now. For else I will flag it is "available".

The truck and pickup is outside of town, if memory serves me right.

Right. I had a feeling you'd say that  :P

Ok, so, truck and pickup are outside town and still functional, right? Unless ofcourse they were stolen, etc 

I'd like to lay claim to the "mysterious pdf" if someone hasn't already, and the Smith and Wesson.

Ancient Gamer:
The mysterious PDF, once carried by Ralkhara, then Ceres, is now in Kiph's possession. As is the other stuff you asked for.

I also put 20 rounds of caliber .38 on your equipment list. If you have a gun you might as well have some ammo for it. ;)


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