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Has anyone seen the movie adaption of Neil Gaimon's famous fantasy novel yet? I have, and I must say that I rather enjoyed it. It is a dark, somewhat demented fairy tale that neverthless has a pleasant ending.  And Robert De Niro portraying a cross-dressing pirate is certainly a must-see!

What are your thoughts on the movie,guys?

I loved the Film. I loved the Graphic Novel. I loved the Novel.  Note that none of these exactly match up with each other, but it is a lovely story no matter what the medium.

I would so love to run a game in that world, but it would require so much player investment (you would have to actually learn a good portion of world material to make this work) that I don't think it would "fly".

Have just seen the movie, and it was quite a fun! Your classical fantasy story with just the right amount of siliness.

And yes: de Niro just fits there. :D

Just saw it again.  It is a fun movie.   It is my top 20


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