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A Giant Quagmire
« on: October 28, 2007, 01:15:20 AM »
Everyone knows your typical “Gary Gygax” Giant is unintellectual, but what about those few Giants who do have a few rarities in store? Along with their clichéd appearances, niches, and personal clubbing devices, Giants are played out as the villains. Hero’s are renowned for their “slaying, rescues, and treasures,” but this time the tables have turned…

My thought-pondering dilemma for the previous two weeks has finally come to a halt- or at least I’m hoping! Granted, bringing forth a race of Giants into my plot has taken a lot of careful planning for my adventurers, I have come to a stop in my writings and this is where I’m at:

“In my perception I have viewed the races of Giants to be unintelligent for the purpose of lack of education, or knowledge and understanding. Their resources are limited, thus making their actions unaccountable for, however, there has been a gathering of sorts to convey the problem and solve it. In order to do such, a large gathering is a major requirement along with intelligence. It is safe to say, six classes multiplied by the number of head leaders in each clan, have come to an arrangement and agreement to solve their isolated problems (by “isolation” in mean they are bound in the northern territory of my continent. In regards to be bound, think of a large, magical boundary where they can’t get out). Noted, are six outstanding leaders in the six races and different genders of Giants, thus promoting each race with dignity and equality.”

My quagmire stands on how to solve the Giants problem. In my story, races outside of the Giants, perceive the class as being in need of isolation and limited learning ability. In an act of rebellion, a peace treaty is formed between the Giants’ races, and formulating an army to strike against other races in hopes to gain that knowledge and understanding. My entire concept is to persuade the reader that there is more to an individual class than meets the club.

As I have stated beforehand, there are six main races which creates six very different characteristics and personalities. I am not only asking for alternative ideas to help me get out of my rut, I am also seeking takers in helping me do a role-play to act as each character so that I can formulate my own ideas and carry on with my story. Of course, it will be played where it needs to be, but takers to help me out, would be wonderful!

The sign up sheet and extra’s can be found by going to A Giant’s Solution.

See you there, hopefully!

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