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A shout comes from one of the Citadel's towers as a giant sloshing wooden barrel careens out of the sky. It is soon followed by a penguin, dressed in a ridiculous, gaudy pirate captain get-up, complete with plumed hat and wooden toy sword.
"GROG FOR EVERYONE! IA CTHULHU!" he shouts, slinging a foaming, green, salty, frosty mug of grog at Siren. "I BE CAPTAIN PENGUIN!"

Ill take a pint o grog captain. Lets toast to the newcommer!

Ria Hawk:
A short, brown-haired woman wearing glasses wanders into the courtyard.  "Um, you forgot the part about him being obsessed with Cthulhu.  Anyway.  Welcome to the Citadel, Siren.  I'm Ria Hawk."  She pauses for a moment.  "Y'know, more people find their way here by accident.  It makes me wonder if there's some sort of spell in effect that brings people here accidentally on purpose..."

"It is the will of Cthulhu! IA CTHULHU!"

Mmmmm...Monkey meat......


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