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Hello everyone. I'm Siren. I found my way here by accident, and well, it certainly looks interesting.

*An elven warrior approaches you, his hand extended in greetings*
Welcome Siren, I am sure you will be happy here, but I shall be he first to warn you af some "wierdness" that takes place!
(Don't worry, its all good harmless fun!)

'Yes' says a young sheildmaiden, 'the weirdness is evident in this citadel.' looks suspiciously over her sholder. 'just wait till the penguin shows up.' she looks back at Siren 'by the way I am Almatari shieldmaiden and elven friend. I myself was directed here by accident. Join in and have fun!' she slinks off before the penguin can spot her

Thank you both for the welcome.

Hmm, so where do I even begin in the Citadel? I am a honest thief and pride myself on two things: magic and knowledge. But what I know about role plays wouldn't fill a sheet of paper. Who out there wouldn't mind helping a weary traveller. Hmm?

*looks at Almatari weirdly* Um... penguin?

You just sort of jump in. Kind of like you are now. You make up a character and you basicaly start a story. Have you ever done a circle story? Well Its is sort of like you start the first part in  Freeform Roleplaying and another person adds on. Just jump around and read some of the story threads to get an Idea how to do it.

And Yes a penguin. His name is Captain Penguin one of the 'crazy' creatures here. Dont worry you will know him by his Penguish Cursing and Grog offering personality. Grog is great so ask for a pint and he'll like you forever.

(PS Guys if I said something up in the how to part of the post Help us out Will you!)


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