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Ancient Gamer:
That video made the rounds at the office the other day.

It nicely illustrate the schism between management and dev/design/specialist/whatever

Once I was in a meeting where a designer from an renowned agency presented his cutting edge design to the company, whereupon the HR manager suggested he used a field of poppys as a theme instead. :D

And it also reminds me of another office where the management constantly brags about one dev being able to finish any dev project in 14 days, and then look at all other devs with a critical eye.

Note; the work the dev created in 14 days looks like s**t, and is coded black hole ninja style

Ancient Gamer:

Oh, look, someone has figured out perpetual motion:

Favorite comment, "He might be an idiot, but you have to admit, he's got a lot of fans!"  Followed closely in 2nd by the wailing and gnashing of teeth over destroying a Porsche 959.  And I knew I should've patented that when I was 11, then I could sue him for infringing on my magic energy rights... :c



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