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Guild run, metro fantasy
« on: November 02, 2007, 04:43:12 AM »
Setting: Thief-like.  Large city as center of map, surrounded by uncontrolled countryside

[Pariah] 3:17 am: Feyblood is bad, thus "pure" mages are crazy muthers
[Pariah] 3:17 am: apt to flip out and spazerate an entire 'hood
[Pariah] 3:18 am: but after that first 'pure' generation, they lose almost all magical ability, but retain the long life
[Pariah] 3:18 am: and physical prowess of their forefathers
[Pariah] 3:18 am: 2nd-4th generation are stronger, faster than normals
[Pariah] 3:19 am: bred to be killing machines by the Guilds
[Pariah] 3:20 am: 5ish guilds
[Pariah] 3:20 am: each specializing in specific types of heroes
[Pariah] 3:21 am: Archer, Fighter, Berserker, Assassin, Healer/Entertainer
[Pariah] 3:21 am: H/E renamed Support
[Pariah] 3:21 am: Archer +D -C
[Pariah] 3:21 am: F +S -I -C
[Pariah] 3:22 am: B +S +C -D -I
[Pariah] 3:22 am: A +D -C -S
[Pariah] 3:23 am: S no physical change
[Pariah] 3:26 am: Killing Machines are Hunters
[Pariah] 3:26 am: Hunters are bred from birth to keep society safe, from itself and from the monsters that plauge the city
[Pariah] 3:28 am: The Guilds recieve a payment from the Nobles for every monster they kill, and for guarding their manors
[Pariah] 3:28 am: Also the guild frequently dispatch Hunters to target other guilds, and rouge Hunters from their own guild
[Pariah] 3:29 am: Less frequently they take on police actions
[Pariah] 3:29 am: Hunting down fugitives, dispelling riots, ect
[Pariah] 3:35 am: Guilds are like Cyberpunk corps
[Pariah] 3:35 am: PCs could be incorp Hunters or rouges
[Pariah] 3:36 am: rouges would have to worry bout Hunters
[Pariah] 3:36 am: have worse equipment
[Pariah] 3:36 am: and would quite likely work for more shady sorts
[Pariah] 3:36 am: Guilds, in addition to the slight mutations accompanied with feyblood
[Pariah] 3:37 am: will quite likely tattoo/brand the Hunters in easy to notice locations
[Pariah] 3:37 am: and add grafts and stuff to make them more effective
[Pariah] 3:39 am: All are scarred from their abusive childhood
[Pariah] 3:40 am: though some of the Hunters are noticably free of any of this
[Pariah] 3:40 am: no lash marks across their face and arms, no Guild brand on their neck
[Pariah] 3:41 am: these ones serve theri duties as infiltrators
[Pariah] 3:41 am: engraining themselves into another Guilds workings, giving the Guild's knowledge back to their owners

Must sleep on this.  Maybe even come back later?
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