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The Isle of the Myst

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Off the coast of the continent is the Isles of the Mysts.  It is a moderate sized isle with stranger properties.  

First off, it is not on any current map of the Continent. It can not be reached by simply sailing in a direction. It can be reached only when the moon is right and the ebb and flow of time is favorable.  In fact, if you go to the right place in the world at the right time, you can walk there.

The Isle has similar geography and weather to Ireland.  The people there are of celtic origin and culture, circa around the time BC. They call their island, the Isle. The only real difference is the presence of more fog.... Well, and the other places.

The other places. If you walk the right paths at the right time, you can get to the other places.  Geographically, they are much like Ireland. Weatherwise, much the same, except for the fog.  But each other place is a bit different.  

The closest "other places" are the easiest ones to get to and have the most contact with the Isle.  Pathfinding or Mystwalking is a feat or knack to find ways to other places. You can do it without knack, it is just more difficult. (if you take it multiple times, you get better odds)

The summer country, is a land of Shidhe.  These are not the Tolkein bastardization of Shidhe, but real Fey.  They are taller, stronger, finer of feature, sharper of wit, and wiser in the way of magik and war.  In short, they are everything humans want to be and a bit more.  

North Country, is another Fey land, but one of ice and cold.  Snow Wizards and Ice Princesses, Yeti and Polar Bears, populate this land.  

The Swordsland: These land is populated by a people from far and away. They are masters of the sword.  (Imagine a world of idealized Samurai).  This may be an optional one, it is not celtic, but it does fit the theory...

Avalon: Here the high king and his knights maintain a beautiful and orderly society.  

The Wild Lands: Filled with stange beasts, and stranger subhumans.  

Note: To reach an otherland from an otherland, you have to cross into the Isle and find the way to the other otherland.  

The Isle of the Mist is a place of dreams, where ideal times and places are kept, to keep the dream of their time and place alive.  It is a magikal place filled with ideal places.  

Now of course it has to menaced by some great Evil, trying to corrupt and take the magik of the Isle.

I like this idea and where it's going. My favorite fantasy creature was always trolls rather than elves, they seem like you could find them in the Wildlands.

Maybe there is more than one threat to the Isle. A religeous movement could declare that the creatures from the Isle are evil and the Mysts cloak the evil doers actions and ways. Instead of trying to steal the magics, they would try to destroy them. When an average peasant sees a preist walk into the mist that has been the stuff of legends for generations and makes it all vanish, that pesant will probally support what ever the preist says.

An ambitious warlord from the swordsland might try to seize control of the paths to the Isle to keep his people in or other peoples out. Avalon could be an orderly society, but lawful evil can exist, Morganna and such. A strange god-like creature similar to leviathan from that cuthulu writer.


Where is the world of bizzare, pseudoreal, insane monstrosities?

In another game. After all how many gibbering crazies do you need once you have CP?  

Are you sure we managed to get all your brains scooped up from the last melt?

I have been giving this setting some thought.  ...

You see I would like it to have a special feel, a sense of the mythic or dream quality.  As it stands in my mind, it is nothing more than several areas that use the same map that are tennetively linked to each other. In metagaming terms, it is a game, several splat books, and a rifts/ torg like meta conception.  

How do I convey the sense of myth?

Perhaps in the GM section some tropes and advice on how to achieve the mythic feel.
     The timelessness of the place and the eternal cycles.
     How nothing ever really changes and everyone likes it that way
     Epic suggestions for plot lines. Nothing should be mundane. It has to be pulpish, larger than life, an action film caught in a game...
     The description examples need to have the "narrator" quality reflecting the epicness..

Perhaps a section with each NPC or place that includes its mythic counterpart.  A'dam was akin to the Raven, the helpful trickster. blah.. blah.. blah.. giving you an idea about what part of myth the character is.

This would require several mythic archetypes to be included int he book.

Also.. the bad guys need to be bad... so they are monsterous invaders, nightmares made reality.  

Of course, the smart ones can shapeshift... So we can have pretty bad guys too.


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