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ROE - Placeholder title...
« on: September 11, 2007, 12:58:42 PM »

Minister Alari stepped out of the heavily armoured limo in front the of blah blah conference center, unaware of the drama that was quickly unfolding in orbit overhead.

The conference was of such importance, and the material being discussed so sensitive, that even all of the orbital space within LOS of the center was subject to careful control. Captain Redwick of the Terran Space Force was performing a systematic check of the myriad orbital objects within that space.

Special attention was to be paid to any objects newly positioned since the date of the conference was announced - a date deliberately selected to provide little advance warning. Of these objects, most were communications satellites repositioned to provide better newsfeeds of the event. Other were accounted for - several were military and therefore under control, including several particle-beam defence systems.

One of the more interesting was a large space billboard for the Kanata company. The new beverage company hoped that its ground-visible ad would boost their lackluster product launch. It apparently was launched also to take advantage of the timing of the conference.

As a matter of course, Captain Redrick punched up the specifications on the billboard. Everything seemed in order until he saw the mass of the unit. Five tonnes? For what would amount to a few square miles of fabric plus some weights to hold it taught, the figure was rather high. It seemed a lot more solid then it should be.

"Helmsman, bring us in closer to the Kanata billboard. Something is off here..."

The Captain was not the only one watching that area of space.. One of the newly repositioned communication satellites had a couple of extra, unauthorized sensors onboard. These were watching the various ships in orbit to see if any took untoward interest in a certain billboard. The Captains ship, a orbital patrol vessel, was not equipped with stealth systems - the orbital space was far too crowded. The sensors picked up the heading change and quickly determined the most likely course. Dutifully, the small robotic sentry sent a quick tight-beam communication to a second compromised sattalite and then triggered a self-destuct system.

"Woah!" exclaimed one of the watch officers, "High energy event! Range 400km"

"Helm - Evasive action! All Hands - Battle Stations!" Though the event was far away, Redrick was a veteran of combat and knew the value of not being where others expected. Better to be a little embarrassed then dead..

The ship was quickly thrown into a series of maneuvers intended throw off enemy fire, and fortunately, increased the distance between the ship and the billboard. All hell was about to break loose.

The tight beam signal transmitted by the now-deceased satellite was received by the relay satellite and retransmitted to a ground station - more precisely a sea station.

In a hidden command center on the luxury vessel somename, the signal was received. "d**nit!" hollered David, "Its too soon!"
"You know our orders" said the lieutenant, a greasy haired blah blah.
"I know." A pause, and then a key was turned.

A return tight-beam signal was sent to the relay satellite and the final player in the orbital drama was activated.

The heavy so-called communications satellite was also put into orbit recently, but it was placed outside of the LOS zone. It did have LOS on the billboard.

Receiving its orders, a detonator was activated and specially formed explosives ....
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