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Blood Land
« on: September 01, 2007, 09:48:45 PM »
So. Many of you over the past day have heard me chattering on and on and on ad nausem about the 24 Hour RPG Challenge. Thus, I think it's only fair that I post it here first so that the Citadelians can check out what I got done within the 24 hour time limit. That said, I only got approximately 13-14 hours of work put in on it, but I think I used those 13-14 hours well.

Also, I happened to write things down on paper first, so while the pdf/final version that is posted here only has the intro and first two chapters done, I actually do have a nice chunk more of stuff to add. I just figured I would post up the original, so you can see a 'minimum' of how much you can really push yourself to do within a short period of time. After all, that was the entire purpose of my doing this: to push my limits, to see exactly how far I could go when given a short-term deadline.

So, notes and comments about my experience while taking this challenge:

~Simply talking with someone while working on the project can help immensely. While I was able to talk with people in the Flashchat, I was able to get stuff done at an amazing rate. Then, once it got late enough that everyone took off, I discovered I had run dry. I ran out of steam, and after dealing with a fire alarm being pulled, went to bed. Thus, support is key. With people to encourage you and push you on ahead, challenging your assumptions and ideas, you will get farther, faster.

~Making a rough world overview and concept is easy, even with designing mechanics and all that. The real challenge is the fluff, the stuff that really fleshes out the environment. Equipment, money, city descriptions, organizations, all of it needs to be done, and there just isn't enough time in the day to get it done. Thus, the lesson is twofold: fluff takes time, and you can't do everything by yourself.

~Using the ideas of others, freely given, is perhaps one of the best ways to buffer your time. It prevents you from wandering on side-tangents, and lets you focus on the cause and effect of using that idea. For example, for this magic system, I chose to combine Moonhunter's Focus Based Magic System and Scrasamax's Magic as an Attribute. The result? Well, it isn't in the pdf, but basically I was able to focus on working out how to implement it, instead of coming up with a concept as well. Lesson learned: when under a time limit, look everywhere for ideas, especially the Citadel. Gems are everywhere, you just have to look past the outer surface.

I'm sure there's more things to be learned from this, but that's all I'll say for now. Enjoy what little there is in the pdf, and expect a flurry of posts to the Citadel detailing this setting.
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