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The Five-In-One Challenge was a relative success. Many of us, myself included, just couldnt focus long enough to bust something out. Since I thought of the idea in the first place, I leave it to you fellow Strolenites, to tell me just how lame I was for not actually writing one up!  :P

However, the Quest has been conquered by several of our stalwarts! Many kudos to them, I say!

Lets take the time to read them all and vote for our favorite, folks!

Give these authors the attention their hard work deserves!

Without further ado, I give you our finalists, all six of them.

Lets pick ONE winner. That winner will receive the usual Triumph in their honor, as well as a custom set of dice!

P.S. Everyone can, and of course will vote, based on whichever parameters they wish or deem appropriate, but I would just like to add, that for this quest, some consideration should be given to the sub that best weaves together and explores the five subs in question!

Seacrest Out!


Vote, please.

I Shall Vote TONIGHT!!

..I mean TOMORROW!!!!

there are some long ones. :)

heh, same here, trying to set aside an hour tomorrow, in order to go through these fascinating conglomerations in earnest.


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