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A crash sounded in the distance, the sky was a dark inky blue, clouds covered the large moon which hung in the sky like a beacon guiding the way. A young woman ran through the tree's of the forest which surronded the village branches snagged at her clothes ripping them as if they were a flimsy silk, shouts echoed through the darkness as the womans breath came in harsh gasps, she ran as if the devil itself was chasing her, her dark hair waving out behind her, terror shone in her eyes as she looked back briefly to see if they were still pursuing her, this was a mistake as her head turned back her foot caught on a root and she tumbled, as she fell she saw a bright light then darkness.

A scream burst out of the darkness and the young womans eyes flashed open, she was led in a dark clearing a fire roaring next to her but there was no one around, she sat up her head thumping she thought back to what had just happened and placed her head in the palm of her hands, Her hair was in tangles so she tried her best to neaten herself up looking down at her hands she noticed the thick dark patch of blood which now tinged her skin, she rubbed it vigrously on the hem of her skirt and then looked up as she heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer. 
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