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Why is there evil? Why is it evil to be....evil? Perhaps this may clear it up:

1) What is called evil is simply the drive for advancement, for greatness. We seek, through discipline and pain, to spur the advancement of nothing less than sentient life.

2) Cruelty - the application of pain - is the method by which one weeds out the weak and feeble-minded from the population.

3) Weakness must be eliminated in all its forms: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

4) The enemies of strength are those who trumpet the effeminate values of forgiveness, tolerance, and laxity of discipline.

5) The body may be made stronger through combat.

6) The mind may be made stronger through the elimination of conscience. One does this by inflicting pain on others.

7) The spirit may be made stronger by enduring hardships, both self-imposed and externally-imposed.

Perhaps this is the rationale behind evil...

Ria Hawk:
You disturb me strangely, Cap'n.  Mostly because that makes so much sense (after a fashion)...

Evil is the opposition of good.  As with many, if not all things in the world, one could not exsist with out the other to balance it out. However in most instances good prevails over evil, perhaps the questoin you should be analyzing is: If good and evil must both exsist in order to maintian the essential balance,  Then what qualities does Goodness possess that allow the scales to be tipped in its favor?  

I have always placed the core of Evil as Selfishness, that the self is the only thing that is important and anything that required to meet the needs of the self is acceptable.  

The drive for advancement at any cost is a drive to fufill their own need for a position or place.  While Good allows for competition as long as that competition is not to the level of destroying the others in the competition, Evil emphasises success at any cost.  

Cruelty is a biproduct of Evil.  An uncaring for the suffering of others to achieve their goal is a perfectly Evil function.  Delight in cruelty inflicted upon others or self, is acceptable because it is simply a fufillment of their own needs, therefore acceptable.  

Weakness is simply something that gets in the way of achieving ones own goals.  Anything that stops you from achieving goals in yourself is a weakness and is simply not compatable with your needs.  Some who are evil have issues with others who are weak because they could be strong and they don't understand why anyone would not want to be strong and able to achieve their own goals.

Discipline may or may not be an aspect of Evil.  It depends on the goals of the Evil being.  Many Evils are into satisfying their own needs immediately, while others plan and plot to achieve more stratigic needs.  A degree of discipline might be acceptable, depending on the Evil beings needs.  

Combat. Combat is a simple tool to achieve an end.  If you like to show that you are superior (have a need that must be satisfied) you will engage in it freqeuntly, to prove you are superior.  If you enjoy watching the weak squirm, combat is a great way to fufill that need.  Combat is not Evil, it is just the easiest tool at their disposal.  

This selfishness is the reason why Evil is Negative.  Unlike Good which projects outward, giving to all, Evil draws thing in... absorbing everything in a point of self.

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