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A dark cloud drifts over the land. It settles heavily on the Earth, wilting everything it touches. It slowly seeps into every corner of the area, and then, just as the feeling of dread it induced seemed just to get unbearable, it disappeared, as quickly as it had come by. In its wake there was nothing but a sliver of darkness in the distance. Suddenly, it moved, stirred slowly and got up. It was a man, but not just any man. It is I, ChaosMage, the greates dark magician ever to set foot on this Universe, and I have stumbled upon your domain. Feel my presence and shudder. (Unless you prove to be hospitable, even evil magicians have a kind and jolly side sometimes!!!)

greetings, you know, my brother was an evil magician. Before I killed him. (had to do it, he was terrorizing my kingdom) Did you know him? He went by the name of Phage.

Hullo! welcome. I am Almatari, Shieldmaiden and elven friend. Beware of us strange few. The Penguin who will undoubitly show up later. Just accept the Grogg and you will be fine. No, I am kidding they are all great. But you will want to accept the grogg, because it is mm-mm good.
Btw, I am one of those oddities.

Ria Hawk:
A short, brown-haired woman with glasses wandered out into the courtyard.  "Welcome, ChaosMage.  We are hospitable, as long as you don't go causing problems.  We're a fairly easy-going lot; we even had a few dark knights at one point.  But fairness requires me to point out that there are elves, assassins, at least one dragon, an irritable, half-insane pirate penguin, and who knows what else that hang around with us.  But anyway."  She pushed her glasses up her nose.  "People will likely come by soon and offer you all kinds of things.  And I think there may be tiddlywinks in the great hall..."  Ria wandered back into the hall, muttering something about smurfs.

You are surprised to see a penguin, dressed in ridiculous pirate captain costume with red-lensed goggles and a wooden toy sword, rolling a barrel across the citadel courtyard. He stops in front of you, smacks out the spigot of the barrel, and fills to frosty mugs.

"D'ARR! Welcome ter Strolen's Citadel! Have a mug of frosty grog! It's thick, green, salty, and incredibly alcoholic! Yarr!" Captain Penguin says, handing Chaos Mage a mug.
"Sniperspy, dude, you're back!"


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