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Downtime Oops


Thanks to those that sent me a quick email making sure I knew the site was down. If you can believe it, we migrated to a more stable server. More secure as well, I believe php is loaded as CGI vs. a module...more secure? Who knows, but an ini was required instead of defining some stuff in htaccess as well as recreating some mysql permissions. Glad my host rocks and they hooked up all of that for me so I can just smile and be happy.

Thanks for your patience through it. There are a couple more mods I need to do for the new server but I believe the main site is good to go.

Was also notified by eph that we have lost some posts and submissions and possibly some comments so sorry about that.

This downtime and loss of data should be a one time thing. The stuff was posted after the original database was saved but before it was up and running on the new server so it basically just disappeared...sorry about that!!!


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