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Oddly enough that is where most of the ghost stories around my house come from... I live next to a huge church (abandonned know) that is a little over 200 years old (been rebuilt a few times so still okay to wak in and such)  around th elate 1800's the a tornado (or cyclone as they called it) came through te hollow... Bee Spring Hollow to be exact and killed al ot of people most of them were buried in that graveyard alot of stories surround it .. the most tragic was Clara Stevens though :cry:

We have a big ghost story but it has nothing to do with a tornado, Its anout a girl named Cathrine Winters and she was kiddnaped and killed when she was like nine and her child ghost comes back to play *cue creapy misic*

Who the hell is this Clara Stevens of Bee Springs that you keep talking about?

that I keep talking about have I mentioned her before?  oh well sorry I didn't want to get to much off topic... :wink:   anyway she was a girl who was around the age of thirteen the tornado struck on a sunday afternoon usually after church Clara would go and play in the fields of flowers near the church then she would walk home later... she was on her way home when the tornado hit... she never made it... she is said to be seen running down the road (which is still dirt) on warm summer nights some say only on Sunday but others disagree.  any way the wierd experiene I had began when I was actually "modeling" if you could call it that for one of my guy friends... he is a photographer (does mostly b/w) and he had a dream of a girl aat this really old church with really long hair dressed in old timey dress. He wanted me to be this girl so I said cool one of my friends mom's sews and made me a simple old timey cotton lace dress and we had the pictures made at this church I am nieghbors with te people who own the church so I could get the key and all... but  their is one picture where I am standing in front of the natural spring that flows infront of the church... you can hardly see my face but it is a great picture the wind is blowing my hair the shadows are great... sorry artist coming out again...  any way a little later the church had its 200th birthday and a lot of old pictures came out one of them was of Clara she looked alot like me the picture was taken at the exact same spot her hair was blowing much like mine the only major difference is that she was smiling and I was not.  their are other e=things as well but thats enough for tonight!

Wow freaky! I haven't had an encounter yet I love ghost stories. My town is on an old indian ground, and people say if you take a picture looking at Devil's Gate at our park at night you can see the orbs of a few million ghosts  :shock:


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