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Fantasy Mecha
« on: July 06, 2007, 11:49:22 PM »
Conversation between Pieh and I, may get expanded on later.  Feel free to suggest, digest, or demean as you feel like it.

[Pariah] 10:42 pm: You know that quote about any sufficiently advanded tech could be considered magic?
[Pieh] 10:43 pm: im not sure
[Pieh] 10:45 pm: i dont know the quote exactly, but i understand what its saying
[Pariah] 10:45 pm: alright
[Pariah] 10:45 pm: I want to take what the quote says and flip it on its head
[Pieh] 10:46 pm: magic = low tech?
[Pariah] 10:46 pm: with a high magic world that fights its wars in mecha, with airships carpet-bombing the countryside
[Pieh] 10:46 pm: oh
[Pariah] 10:46 pm: using mages casting fireballs
[Pieh] 10:46 pm: steampunk
[Pieh] 10:47 pm: high ,agic steampunk
[Pieh] 10:47 pm: *magic
[Pariah] 10:48 pm: More like high magic gundam
[Pieh] 10:48 pm: ooh
[Pieh] 10:48 pm: i like gundam
[Pieh] 10:48 pm: what gundam?
[Pariah] 10:48 pm: I don't know
[Pariah] 10:49 pm: Haven't seen the show in 5 yrs now...
[Pieh] 10:49 pm: well, would you pilot these mechs via controls like a advanced tank... or some sort of vr suit?
[Pariah] 10:50 pm: mmm
[Pariah] 10:50 pm: half-way between
[Pariah] 10:52 pm: The suits are vaugely human shaped, like a golem, though rather large
[Pariah] 10:53 pm: I'm thinking the size of a troll from the LotR's movie
[Pieh] 10:53 pm: thats cool
[Pieh] 10:53 pm: ive always wanted to pilot a golem
[Pariah] 10:57 pm: battles get fought with those suckers
[Pieh] 10:57 pm: yeah
[Pariah] 10:57 pm: and air support, which would consist of a good number of airships loaded up with alchemists and
magess, raining fire and acid down on the opposing side
[Pieh] 10:58 pm: sounds fun
[Pieh] 10:58 pm: "Need a light?"
[Pariah] 10:58 pm: Due to the unfortunate side effects of these battles, generally the complete inhability of the region,
the people live in large warrens of cities
[Pariah] 10:58 pm: heh
[Pariah] 10:59 pm: Uh, maybe all the cities are underground, with a babylonian hanging garden type structure on top to
grow foodstuffs
[Pieh] 11:00 pm: that would be cool
[Pieh] 11:00 pm: but bombs could collapse the whole thing
[Pieh] 11:01 pm: you would need many support structures
[Pariah] 11:03 pm: yeah
[Pariah] 11:04 pm: Anti-Airship installations forming a wide perimiter around the city
[Pariah] 11:04 pm: and when a war starts looking bad anyone old enough gets conscripted
[Pariah] 11:04 pm: regular crossbows wouldn't hurt something like that though
[Pariah] 11:04 pm: umm
[Pieh] 11:06 pm: use magic crossbows!
[Pariah] 11:07 pm: or magic bolts
[Pieh] 11:07 pm: yeah
[Pariah] 11:07 pm: the exploding kind
[Pieh] 11:07 pm: yes!
[Pariah] 11:07 pm: everything looks better when it's exploding after all
[Pieh] 11:07 pm: with napalm!
[Pariah] 11:09 pm: Load up mounted repeating crossbows on the mechs
[Pieh] 11:10 pm: who not just use cannons and fire big metal balls into the airships motors
[Pieh] 11:10 pm: aww. . . repeating cannons!
[Pieh] 11:10 pm: that would be sick
[Pieh] 11:10 pm: and gauss rifles!
[Pieh] 11:11 pm: 6 in metal spikes are cool
[Pariah] 11:11 pm: I diverged without informing you
[Pieh] 11:12 pm: ph
[Pariah] 11:12 pm: the AA can fire cannons
[Pieh] 11:12 pm: AA?
[Pariah] 11:12 pm: but the proles that get conscripted to defend them from the mechs need something to kill mechs
[Pariah] 11:12 pm: AA = Anti Airship
[Pieh] 11:12 pm: oh ok
[Pieh] 11:13 pm: there should be some sort of anti-magic/tech-blocking goo that the people can fling
[Pieh] 11:13 pm: possibly in limited supply deep underground
[Pariah] 11:14 pm: God, I didn't think of anti magic spheres
[Pariah] 11:14 pm: the equivilent of an EMP bomb in modern scifi
[Pieh] 11:14 pm: exactly
[Pariah] 11:14 pm: get one of your mages into the middle of their ranks and set him off
[Pariah] 11:15 pm: of course he dies afterwards, but their mechs are dead in the water
[Pieh] 11:15 pm: yeah
[Pariah] 11:17 pm: alright, so their mech troops are always augmented by a large troll/orge force
[Pariah] 11:17 pm: because trolls don't die when they step into an anti magic area
[Pieh] 11:18 pm: wait.. what is all this for?
[Pieh] 11:18 pm: are you making a new campaign world?
[Pariah] 11:19 pm: I might be
[Pariah] 11:19 pm: probably not though
[Pariah] 11:20 pm: I'll probably post it up and let people run with it
[Pieh] 11:20 pm: cool, count me in
[Pariah] 11:20 pm: Maybe when I get back from boot camp and then linguistics training afterwards I'll run a PbP in the world
[Pariah] 11:20 pm: cool
[Pariah] 11:21 pm: setting +1
[Pieh] 11:23 pm: cool idea, but i gotta go
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