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The War of Kastille Player Request
« on: July 15, 2007, 11:35:24 PM »
The War of Kastille

Kastille, trapped in a catastrophic war on mythical proportions, suffers from dozens of battles that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. From the northwest marches the dark armies of the Nydro, led by the hateful Lord Utmor the Hateful. The people of Kastille had been living in peace for thousands of years, existing in city-states for as long as anyone could remember. When the Nydro crossed the Sea of Alargaria, the fiery breath of Lord Utmor consumed several city-states. Lord Rydiel of Valariel was able to convince the Council of Kastille that they had to stop the armies of Lord Utmor.

Kastille rose to the challenge and most of the free city-states rose to the challenge, forming the Kastillian Alliance. Lord Rydiel was placed in charge of the Allied Armies of Kastille. However, Lord Utmor was more intelligent that what the civilized Kastillians wanted to believe. He bought off three city-states in the far south, saying that if they do not join the Alliance, that he would spare the cities from his armies.

Nevertheless, Lord Rydiel was confident that a quick victory over Lord Utmor would commence. Lord Utmor, leader of the Nydro Confederacy, was also confident that he would crush the Kastillian Alliance. They would never suspect that the war would drag on for longer than that. At the first battle of Karaginia, the personal army of Lord Utmor was able to defeat the combined force of Kastillians. The Kastillian Alliance fled from the wave of the armies of Lord Utmor to garrison together.

Lord Rydiel’s first attempt at stopping the Nydro Confederacy had been annihilated. He fell back to his base of operations at the Castle of Morana, It has been six months since the terrible defeat at the Battle of Karaginia, and Lord Rydiel has to find a way to stop the Nydro Confederacy, or the Kastillian Alliance threatens to crumble apart. 

Lord Rydiel has twelve commanders from each city under his control, including himself. These eleven commanders are yours to control. Each commander has unique attributes to put to the table; however, their armies are smaller than those of the commanders under Lord Utmor are. The Kastillian Commanders are less experienced than the commanders of Lord Utmor are.

Lord Utmor has four commanders, including himself, under his control. These four commanders are yours to control. Each commander has a large army to control, and have had years more experience than those of Kastille, for they had been fighting long before Lord Utmor brought them together.

Keep the game strictly roleplaying, mmkay? Out of Character or whatever else you would like to say that does not stick to the game, put it in the OOC thread or here. I would like you to have at least a paragraph amount of work when you write a post. Remember, each one of you will be in command of an army, so think about that. Anything I say goes. Got that? No complaining if your army does something stupid and is slaughtered along with your commander. DONT JOIN UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN STAY IN IT.

The characters that would be desirable would be human. This is a medieval setting, little fantasy goes on save for the strange little experiments and machines that Lord Utmor uses. Eightteen characters would be the minimum to start this game, for each commander. However, if there is not that many who wishes to join, I will NPC the rest. I would wish for those who join to try to play commanders, however if you wish not to, than you do not have to.
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