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Shinobi-War of the Clans (Players Wanted)
« on: July 05, 2007, 06:33:54 PM »
For many centuries shinobi have been a select group of rogue mercenaries hired for assassination purposes alone. Highly trained and remarkable individuals, they were truly the most powerful people in their time.

It is unknown when specifically this fact was noticed, but roughly three decades ago shinobi began gathering together with peaceful intentions. The results of these gatherings were shinobi clans, groups of skilled shinobi who began to accept more tasks than just assassination.

Over the years, clans began developing techniques that they only taught to their members, further separating themselves from other clans. Yet having rival groups all craving power never ends well and the War of Clans began.

At first the war started with assassination attempts on clan leaders at other high ranked members of different clans. Then everything escalated as full assaults began on rival clans, and several squads of shinobi were sent out for the sole purpose to kill as many people as they could. Things became an all out blood bath and towns and feudal lords were caught in the middle.

As the events began to escalate alliances were formed between the different clans with the stronger clans acting as a figurehead. After the beginning of the alliances, clans frequently allied and turned on each other all for personal gain and the will to survive.
However, there is a strong alliance known as the Oni Alliance that has faced many difficulties already and managed to stay together and withstand betrayals. This alliance wishes to destroy all the other clans and so far their plan has seen great success and over a dozen different clans have been wiped out by their hand.

The War of Clans has been going on for nearly fifteen years now, and a new alliance forged from several clans has surfaced. This new alliance calls itself the Celestial Refuge and seeks to finally end the war and put an end to the death surrounding this quest for power.



Hadoru is the vast land in which the War of Clans takes place. Hadoru is situated in an abnormal geographical location, causing a gradual but evident shift in the landscape. The western border is defined by the Snow Teeth mountain range, like the name suggests the mountains are tall, steep, and capped with snow. As you progress east the mountains give way to gentle hills, which in turn meld into a mixture of forests and fields. This area is where most of the villages reside due to richer lands and more suitable conditions. At the far eastern border lies the Siren Sea, a stretch of water plagued with storms and rocky peaks. There are very few over-seas trading companies, but the ones that are succesful see a rich income. The southern border of Hadoru is defined by the Ruinous Wall. The Wall has a deep history, and dates farther back than any written documents. The Ruinous Wall is only a shadow of its former glory, since the many years of innutility has caused the wall to deteriorate and crumble. As for the northern border, there is no exact definition and is more of an imagined line between Hadoru and their neighboring country.

Shinobi are the main focus and source of power in the War of Clans. However, shinobi vary greatly in their skill and abilities. There are typically four main types of specialization for a shinobi. First there is combat, were the practitioner excels at close range combat either with their bare fists or with a weapon. Then there are range shinobi, were they specialize in bows, kunai, shuriken, or any other type of ranged weaponry. Then there are ninjutsu users, shinobi who specialize in channeling their own energy into devastating attacks that range from any sort of possibilities. Finally there are medical shinobi, who help keep all the others alive and well.

A combat shinobi is one of the most common types and the one where skill comes into play most. A combat shinobi is defined by how skilled he/she is in their style of combat. Like mentioned earlier a combat shinobi uses anything ranging from their fists to any weapon they please. Both the shinobi’s own skill and their fighting style help individualize them from the masses of reckless warriors.

Range shinobis come second in popularity next to combat shinobis. Range shinobis take pride in their accuracy over all other things. After all, an inaccurate range shinobi is a dead shinobi. However range shinobi do not only use throwing or projectile weapons. They also take advantage of weapons attached to chains, such as the kusari-gama, a scythe blade attached to a small handle which is attached to a long chain. Many more impractical weapons have been employed by range shinobis but they all had one thing in common; they could kill from a far away place.

Ninjutsu is one of the most powerful tools at a shinobi’s disposal. By channeling their energy into a physical manifestation, a shinobi can create a powerful attack of nearly any variety. Despite the vast possibilities that ninjutsu offers, many shinobi tend to stick to elemental basics since they find the elements (fire, water, earth, air/lightning) easier to create and control. However there is always the odd shinobi that breaks the barrier and uses ninjutsu on a whole new level other then the basic elements.

Medical shinobi are the most versatile and helpful shinobi on the field of battle. Most medical shinobi possess techniques that allow them to heal wounds on the fly and keep their team fighting. Yet medical shinobi are not just utilized for their healing techniques. The vast majority also possesses skills that can boost the abilities of another person, or impede their enemies either through the use of ninjutsu-like techniques or various items. Whatever the means the effects are still potent.

It is not as common for a shinobi to practice more then one specialization, but it has occurred. If a shinobi manages to master even two of the four general specializations they become both very dangerous and very powerful. Only exceptional shinobis have managed to perfect more than one specialization.


Other information
First things first, yes shinobi are the main focus of this RP, meaning it is best if your character is a shinobi. However if you talk to me and have a good idea, I might allow a non-shinobi character.

Next thing, I would like you to know that you are obliged to be a part of the Celestial Refuge alliance unless you PM me and we work something out. However this is only an obligation to your alliance, not your clan. You can create any kind of clan you want that is a part of the Celestial Refuge alliance, and you can be a member of the same clan as someone else, so long as they give the OK first. Once again the only restriction I am imposing is that your character is part of the Celestial Refuge alliance. Also no god-modding, as always.

Character sheet:
Please stick to these guidelines, unless you feel like adding something extra that I missed.

Name: (standard)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Age: (Not completely necessary if you don’t want it to be)
Clan: (Clan name as well as any special technique your clan has developed)
Specialization: (Include their specialization (combat, range, ninjutsu, medical) or if they specialize in more then one.)
Abilities: (What makes them so unique. Include any and all abilities they possess)
Physical description: (Also include their commonly used clothing)
Gear: (What items they have on their person)
Personality: (Pretty straightforward)
History: (Not obligated to have one but it’s always nice)

Alright I believe that’s everything but if it seems like I missed something or if there are any questions, feel free to PM me.

I notice that perhaps my definition of ninjutsu might not have been too clear on what is possible. The answer is simple, everything. Ninjutsu is the ability to use your energy(life force, stamina) to create and/or manipulate things around you. The only limit is your imagination and the far-away line of god-modding. If you feel that you're idea might be considered god-modding, send me a pm or post it anyway.
I would like to stress one last thing: I will be altering the events and opponents according to what everyone is capable of. Meaning if every character posted is ridiculously powerful, then all the enemy-npc-characters will be equally or more powerful.
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Re: Shinobi-War of the Clans (Players Wanted)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2007, 06:51:29 PM »
Name: Hyatori
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Clan: Sykdos
Specialization: Mixed. He would be the mix of a combat and ninjitsu specialization.
Abilities: Hyatori is the silent type, never making a sound and lightning quick. His speed and agility are legendary and he leans on it more than ever. He uses ninjitsu to cause things to go in his favor.
Physical description:
Gear: Hyatori's weapons include two knives built into vanbraces on his wrists. His clothing is comfortable and loose, with various knives hidden on his person.
Personality:In his everyday behavior he gives the appearance of being withdrawn from the center of activity, yet those who know him will recognize the watchfulness that is part of his character. He has great self-discipline, because he is able to recognize the qualities in himself that makes him different from other vampires, and to know his utterly conventional natures can be used for great good, or great evil. His tenacity and willpower are immense, his depth of character and passionate conviction overwhelming, yet he is deeply sensitive and easily moved by his emotions. His sensitivity, together with a propensity for extreme likes and dislikes makes him easily hurt, quick to detect insult or injury to himself (often when none is intended) and easily aroused to ferocious anger. This may express itself in such destructive speech or action that he makes lifelong enemies by his outspokenness, for he finds it difficult not to be overly critical of anything or anyone to whom he takes a dislike.
History: Hyatori was born to what is now the extinct Sykdos Clan. The Sykdos Clan was one of the first clans to be killed off by the Oni Alliance. The Sykdos Clan had been a peaceful clan that had been hardly aggressive in the War of the Clans, however they had been pushed to fight because of aggressions against them.

Hyatori had been a young and upcoming warrior among the Sykdos and fought gallantly and bravely. However, the Oni Alliance had ambushed the Sykdos village and came in on horses. The Sykdos fought to the last man, but they could do nothing to stop the Oni Alliance. Hyatori survived, barely. He had been slashed across the chest and had fallen into an irrigation ditch. He had been believed to have died.

However, Hyatori was found, having crawled through the ditch until having passed out. He was found by a farmer and brought back to good health. When he came around, he disappeared. His exact locations are unknown, yet he wishes to see the Oni Alliance brought to their knees and the ones responsible for the Sykdos Clan's destruction brought to their deaths.