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Quest for the elusive Apostrophe

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The mighty hunter, Oronis Hinkelgreve, stalked silently through a dusty hall within the bowels of the Citadel, his faithful manservant Humbert close behind him.  "What did you see, sir?" asked the humble minion.

"An Apostrophe Grazer has passed by here.... Recently, by the look of the tracks."

The lad shuddered in fear as he glanced at the torn steel of a dingbat trap left in the hallway earlier.  Obviously, more powerful measures would be needed.

I've noticed that when I'm working on a sub, sometimes all of my apostrophes vanish.  I generally work in Microsoft Word, then transfer the sub into the site's workspace, later discovering that the apostrophes and quotation marks have vanished.

I have also observed that some of my older subs have the same problem.  Apparently, one of the Dingbat traps is malfunctioning...

I just went through another sub, putting apostrophes and quotations back in.  I've noticed that I can't put quotations in the title, either.  Why is this?

I often have the same issues. Soon, someone will stop by and say something techie, but yeah, its been like that for quite a while.

Ancient Gamer:
"Something techie"

Using Word means bad karma, and it makes all the apostrophes run away when transferring to other systems.

Make sure you use the right apostrophes.


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