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Mis Name Is Jar-Jar Binks :)

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Yar! My name is Dyneroe pronounced Die Nare just wanted to post some information on here about me....i love to write...i write alot of fantasy and sci-fi and some of those two mixed....i am currently writing a novel....i also like long walks on the dont' even live near the beach...anyways were do i start in this thing...i like to roleplay so maybe i should just join a roleplaying

Master Of Fighting

Sweet, most gracious welcomes.

You must be trolling for flames with the jar-jar title. jar-jar (which doesn't deserve to get capitalized) is almost equal to barney in annoyance to me.

I like long walks on the beach, short toenails, and Cinnamon Life.  My hobbies are lightning catching and sun lotion collecting....

A penguin, dressed in a ridiculous pirate captain outfit and armed with a wooden sword, drops from the battlements of the Citadel, carrying the severed head of Jar-Jar Binks.
"D'arr! Here yeh' go, Dyneroe, have yerself a head!" he says, pulling out Jar-Jar's tongue and handing Dyneroe the head. "And have some grog teh' go with it!"
(Hands Dyneroe a frosty mug of thick, green, salty grog)
"Enjoy yerself! Yarrityyarrityyarr!"

:shock: you killed me jar-jar binks...  :cry:  but i always can revive him...*thinks to self* maybe i will leave him dead...he was annonying....anyways...were can i start...if someone wants to help me... :)

Start wherever you want to!
Add comments or stuff on the Main Page or Forum, or do some free-form roleplaying.


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