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Hi, I am Almatari, Sindarin for my REAL name. I prefer it.
I just realy bloomed into the computer generation. I am still a bit of a technophobie but how will I survive in the Future? I don't RPG, often. This is my first time so please be nice.  :?  
Um, Well I am a total Tolkien freak but havn't finnished LotR compleetly :oops: Hey! I am getting there. But I am teaching myself Sindarin. Its kinda fun. I know a little Spanish, so I find myself saying things in spanish every once in a while. I only speek it I cant write it very well. I am getting ready to take German, too. So I like to talk.
I am basicaly a Renasance Child. I try to act, I write poetry, I draw, I am trying to learn the guitar but it is hard. I enjoy sewing and cooking but I would like to learn how to weild a sword. I am a swimmer and I practice about every night. (Its tiring) I don't sleep at night I prefer in the class rooms. It's actualy easier to sleep there Because I try to stay awake but I can't. With all this sleeping and daydreaming I still make A's and B's on my reports and mid-terms.
I enjoy reading and writing. I compleetly tune out my math teacher and read and write in that class. Plus sleep, It's right after I eat lunch so I am tired every day. I use most of the food in my food fights  :D
I guess thats me a crazy lunatic lost in this world you call Earth. I like M-e better. :(

Umm, I suppose I have nothing to say to that but Welcome!

Ria Hawk:
Greetings!  Welcome to the Citadel.  Pay no mind to the insanity that is sure to arrive shortly.  It's probably just the captain; he's harmless, so far as we've been able to tell.  Mostly, don't mind us.  We're insane.

A shadow covers the floor and a voice can be heard from above, "I donot know if you scare our visitors with that frase Ria. Greetings Im Karad´as and as for the insanity, well all i can say is that sanity is over rated. Who wants to be sane anyway?? Well i would like to stay and chat but i have to go to hunt my dinner, we´ll talk again soon. Bye"

Yes, captainpenguin will try to confuse you, but do not be alarmed. We will make sure he is punished if he goes overboard!
(By the way, I can sometimes be strange too, so you are forwarned.


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