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The road was brown with late winter slush, as Talia, Aerex, and Vorodon made their way across the hilly roads, leading up to Ganse. For the most part, the trio was quiet and contemplative, six days removed from the battle with the opprobrious wizard of St. Senren’s Monastery. The glassmakers, what remained of them, after the half-ogre and inspector came upon and released Alzamus’ prisoners, were greatful to the motley band, for rescuing them from the insidious yoke of the mysterious mage-conqueror.

And that year, new passages were added to the pages of St. Senren’s Wisdoms, the great book the glassmakers held scribed in, as their ancestors did before them. It was written of the coming of Alzamus, and of the brave heroes who liberated the keep, and Neverdead, as the monks dubbed Aethelstan, Andur's Avenger. The monks feasted the heroes two straight days, before the band split up and headed out into the snows once more.

Little could brighten Vorodon’s mood after the half-ogre found Bross’ remains. His temper darkened, as the days passed, and seeing the normally light-hearted warrior in such disposition, convinced the Bladedancer and Inspector Aerex Matare to accompany the Volgottor back to Ganse, yet again, putting their own plans on hold, this time with a reckoning on their minds.

Aerex bared contempt for the salacious ‘rogue’ guards, and after fully understanding Vorodon’s tale of Bross, Maegla, her rape, her unborn child, and Hepple Farax’ vile roll in this drama, the Inspector was as angry as Vorodon. Justice would pay Ganse a visit this winter, he thought.

Talia, for her part, found herself thinking more and more of her father, in dreams, and in her waking state. Jantir, where Aerex hailed form, she thought, as well as my father. Perhaps she would stick with him, and see the big city. It wasn’t too difficult a decision for her either, to accompany Vorodon back to Ganse. The look on the Matare’s face, when she agreed to travel with the pair of avengers, said it all. He could barely hide his joy, she smiled inwardly, as she trudged through the snow with her two companions. Aerex for his part, she mused, had not made his obvious (to her anyway) feelings known. Perhaps it was for the best, she reasoned, the trio now had ‘wet work’ on their minds.

For his part, Aerex wrestled with his new found infatuation in silence, as he travelled. But do as he might, the platinum-haired beauty by his side, consumed his thoughts.

The three friends skirted the last hillock, and saw Ganse come into view, the dirty snow adding a further pall to already decrepit town. Vorodon could make out wooden works, carved wooden spikes, rolled out on troughs, poking through the sodden earth around the wall of the town. It was late winter, but it was still winter, and though the cold-hating gnolls and bandits were gone now from surrounding wilderness, winter foes still abounded, mostly wolves, both mundane and dire. Perhaps the spikes were meant to deter the hungry lupines from attempting to scale the shoddy town wall.

It mattered little; there was a reckoning on the trio’s mind. Sleepy Ganse lay before them once more, and the three companions neared the closed gate. Two half-helmed heads and pikes could now be seen above the portcullis. Sentries, Aerex tensed. The trio wouldn’t apparently stroll back into town unannounced. Ganse was closed for winter, the expression on the faces of the two bored looking gate-guards seemed to suggest.

Somewhere in the distance, starving wolves began to howl. It was near dusk now.

Ria Hawk:
Talia looked up at the guards.  They had to get in to town somehow, and the others were not likely to be civil about it.  Plus, from what she'd heard, a woman might have better luck to begin with now.  Fortunately, the cold meant that they were wrapped up, and maybe they could take the city guards by surprise.  She pulled her hood off and and shook her hair out a little, then called up, "Are you going to open the gate for us, or leave us for the wolves, hmm?" 

"Its you! Slayer of bandits!", one of the guards dumbly called down, watching Talia's blazing mane cascade around her shoulders.

"There be wolves, and there be wolves, sweets, come inside, and I will howl for you..and maybe make you howl as well, eh love?", the other guard chimed in unimpressivley, though he himself was impressed with his own cleverness.

"And who is with you, princess?" the first spoke again, eyeing the two cloaked and hooded figures behind the Bladedancer (one particularly beefy).

Something about the way he said princess, made Talia want to silence him permanently with a flick of her wrist, yet she stayed silent momentarily.

After some hemming and hawing the gate began to open, creaking on its rusted hinges as it did.

Entry wasnt difficult, the rest would be she thought, as the three companions made their way inside the town walls. The guards were too bored to care or give her or her companions any more hassle.

Back in Ganse...again. The streets were covered with a mix of sleet and mud, quiet...queiter than usual. Ganse was in winter mode.

The three proceeded down the now familiar main thouroughfare.

Ria Hawk:
As the group entered the village, Talia shook her head.  Once out of earshot of the guards, she muttered, "Oh, this is going to be fun.  Ugh."


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