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Tom McManus is Geoffrey Stills, a small businessman who uses his consulting firm to carry messages for a group of Chinese dissidents bent on bringing down the Communist government. He is always calm and collected, never lets anyone see him sweat, and does everything he can to help this group.

During the early years of his career, Tom met and fell in love with a Chinese woman. The two had a daughter in secret, who was tortured and killed for information she did not have, based on a misinterpreted forum post. He has vowed to bring justice for her.

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Noomi Rapace is Kelli Kase, a Megacorp Executive in a dysfunctional near cyberpunk future.  A woman with many facets, she spends time down in the sprawl - where she came from.  There she encounters Hawk and Friends.  Eventually she discovers some "irregularities" with Basil Biotech her company.  She is pulled deeper and deeper into danger as she investigates, eventually to be rescued by Hawk and Friends as they are following up on people missing from The Districts.

Together Kase & Hawk discover a new horror, as alien warrior monsters were being made from the people. 

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--- Quote ---Tatiana Maslany stars as Vivian Payne in...

A Cute Payne

Vivian Payne was once a down and out call girl in Toronto, and would have likely followed a spiraling path of drug addiction and bad decisions to an early grave except that a stranger intervenes in a horrible accident, saving her life, and in the process granting her supernatural abilities. Vivian Payne can sense the presence of the undead, the infernal, and all the secret hidden things that are slowly but surely working towards the end of the world.

But that is the sort of thing that action heroes are supposed to fight and she is just a hooker and teen mother. So Vivian Payne works with what she knows, she hunts down the wealthy and powerful who are fallen ones, demons, vampires, etc and uses her charm to seduce them into hiring her, where she gets close, sometimes too close, before taking down their guard, and them killing them.

Sometimes the battle for mankind, and the skirmishes before Armageddon are fought on silk sheets...

--- End quote ---
(Pretty Woman meets Max Payne meets Supernatural)

Next:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0172557/ Misha Collins

Misha Collins is  Marshall Case.

Space is hard and cold.  So can be a man's heart.  Since M-wave was discovered Humanity has learned a lot among the stars.  Infinite wonder. Infinite possibilities.  Much has been gained.  However, it hasn't lost what it should have: greed, hatred, anger.  That is where I come in. 

I am the law. 

I will find justice for you. 

The Case:  A Future tech/Transhuman western with serious dashes of Firefly, Star Trek, and Star Gate.

Next: Catherine Tate -  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0851113/ 


Catherine Tate plays Mnemosyne aka 'Nemmy'. Nemmy was a scientist working in a secret government high energy lab when something goes awry. She has been blasted into a cosmic consciousness without a body but with some effort she can take over and control the body of someone reduced to a vegetable. While in their body she has access to fragmentary memories and some of their abilities, but retains her own sense of self and core abilities, but eventually the borrowed bodies will reject her alien presence, forcing Nemmy to move on and find a new host.

Nemmy is being drawn along a strange trajectory, getting closer and closer to the forces at work behind the government lab, and the secret work she was doing there, and why she has to get to the bottom of the accident, and why she has to stop it from happening again. Why? Because it is an alien tech based doomsday device and she was unknowingly working for the evil corporation.

The season finale ends with a massive explosion and Nemmy seemingly sacrificing herself to destroy the weapon.

She wakes up in a new body.

Basically a more action/thriller version of Dr. Who with a bit of a Quantum Leap vibe with no rubber headed aliens.

up next: Karen Gillian http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2394794/


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