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Does nobody like Claudia Christian  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0160004/  ???

I like her, but my only point of reference is Babylon 5, so it's hard to seperate her from Ivonova! :)

only point of reference is Babylon 5, so it's hard to seperate her from Ivonova!

the actress says that she hates being typecasted as a bisexual russian telepath which seems to have happened since B5 (though she is doing lifetime movies...).  So do Ivonova in another genre.

All Right, Then!

Claudia Christian….

Is “Oleander”, a deadly operative for a secretive organization.  The actual source of their funding is as “Black” as the missions they tackle, but she is one of their top agents, as deadly as the flower that is her Nom de Guerre.  Hardly a “frail flower of feminity”, Oleander has been given the same rigorous training that Special Operations forces are subjected to and passed with excellent evaluations.  She is tough as nails and always achieves what she is sent to do.

While her supervisors consider her to be all business, she has a feminine side, a facet of her personality that she buries deeply.  She figures that in a couple more years, her obligations to her employers will have been completed, and she can begin to live for herself again.  In the meantime, her only noticeable feminine affectation is her hair, which she wears long.  It may be difficult to maintain it that way, but in her mind, it’s a symbol of the day when she will be her own woman again.

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I like me some Rufus Sewell! :D

In a sci-fi setting, Rufus Sewell is a influential representative in the Solar Parliament.  The son of a famous general, he has followed a very different path from his mother, choosing one of the more pacifistic parties in the government.  He represents a small moon colony where he is beloved by his people, consistently benefitting his constiuency.  He is a master of decorum and empathy, knowing immidiately how to deal with almost any sensitive situation.  Despite his political leanings, he is a skilled military tactician; before entering law school, he served in the Solar Navy and was awarded numerous commendations for his piloting skill.  With popularity, military fame, and political skill, Sewell's character is quickly gaining ground in the Parliament is expected to announce his candidacy for Prime Minister in the next term.  It is difficult to see how aggressive he will be in campaigning: with his charm and political grace, a canvassing or political attack can seem like a compliment.  A cunning politico indeed.

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