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Many GMs, my self one of them, find it helpful to "cast" their NPCs as particular actors/ musicians/ famous characters, usually as they appear in a specific role. This NPC is played by Harrison Ford, this other guy is a Johnny Depp knockoff, and so forth. Imagine the default dragon personality for the world is Sean Connery; another gives all of his "evil cult leader" NPCs the voice of James Earl Jones.

What I'd like to do is try it the other way 'round. Rather than casting actors as particular NPCs, think about the sort of NPC that would end up channeling that particular actor in your game.  Then after you answer it, give the next actor.

Let's start with a relatively easy one: Jeff Goldblum. Who or what would Jeff Goldblum play in your game?

Mr. Goldblum would play a slick lawyer type. He would be in high fashion suit, surrounded by girls (attracted by wealth and power) and be too damm good at his job in the courtroom.  He would tear PCs apart on the stand, get anyone off, and create contracts that the Devil would tear his hair out before signing.

That is who Jeff Goldblun would play in my Supers/ Modern game.

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Take the challange....

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I like it.

In a fantasy setting, Christian Bale would play the ignoble noble.  He is of the knightly class, but shirks fellow nobility and even shows disrespect for the king.  He is as dashing, chivalric, and charming as any other, though.  A skilled combatant, he maintains the respect of the nobles because of his ability to rally the lower class footsoldiers.  It is rumored he has a love interest, but if he does, he keeps her a closely guarded secret.

Next: Rachel Weisz

Remaining in the realm of Fantasy, Rachel Weisz could play a gentle foreign sorceress, a thoughtful woman of power who left her homeland for the love of a noble captain of horse, but realized soon after her arrival in her new land that their relationship was not to be.   Although she and her paramour are strongly drawn to one another, she soon realized that she isn’t willing to make the compromises that becoming the wife of a politically ambitious soldier would entail.  Rejecting the constrained life of a noble’s wife, she is living alone, taking advantage of the scholarly opportunities the capitol allows her.  A few other nobles have made tentative advances, but her heart remains with her captain.

Next:  Chow Yun Fat!

In a sci-fi setting, Chow Yun Fat plays the captain of a small but highly skilled crew of space pirates.  Living and working from a small blockade runner and a few one-man fighters, the crew is known throughout the quadrant for their ability to disable a ship in minutes and quickly take its bounty.  Chow Yun Fat's character is known for his coldness, showing sympathy to none, yet quite consistently disabling a ship rather than outright murder its occupants.  The crew consider him a father due to his generousity, but he is quick to kill any that betray or question him.  On the rare occasions he speaks, his words are curt, wise, and few.  None can rival his skill as a fighter: whether the weapon be phase pistol, force blade, or even bare hands, the captain always wins.

Next: Steve Carell!

Steve Carell (I actually hate his man's movies, but lets give it a go.)

In a Pulp/Modern/Near Future/ and even Future game, Agent Steve, because there are just too many Agent Smiths, seems to be what players expect of government agents and liasons. He is nervous, officious, and bumbling, though well dressed. He seems more jittery than all the coffee he is drinking would imply.  He thinks he is totally suave and debonair, but that is far from the case. Oh and any female PCs will completely discomboobulate his scattered mental process. You not only have to lead him to the clues, but you have to explain to him why they are important. He is always jumping to conclusions, personifying the maxim - to every complicated problem that is one simple, direct, easy to impliment solution that is totally wrong.  He seems to be totally comedy relief. Yet, he is considered a "Top Agent" at the agency.

When the "violence" starts he will get totally flustered and nearly get himself hurt in the first exchange. Then he will get his act together and respond appropriately. ("Okay, Right. Remember your training.") Soon, he will be at ease and will be shooting and attacking hand to hand like his an action hero in a John Woo movie. (And make it seem so easy, he will seem to be a characture of an action hero.) Guns will be shot out of hands. He will kick people through walls. He will shoot wires so equipment falls from the ceiling. He will of course always seem to find an opportunity to shoot through the legs of a female to hit a bad guy on the other side.  After the combat, he will be totally smooth and debonair... like James Bond played by a great actor.  He will have a clue for this time, and show great insight to the clues discovered. This smoothness lasts only a short while (though the threat of more violence will keep him on edge, and thus smooth). Eventually he will turn back into a bumbling fool. 

After this happens a time or two, it become apparent why they think he is a "top agent". If you can get him into the thick of things, he can resolve almost any situation.

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