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Skyscrapers and Paper Models
« on: March 15, 2007, 02:18:46 PM »
Building a scale model of a city block with a 10 feet 1" scale is interesting.  If you are playing a supers or modern game, it can be a useful tool.


Architecture online. A great source for cool buildings and the things you need for a model.

Transamerica Pyramid
Useful but brief information about this structure in downtown San Francisco. This site includes great views from the top and building facts.

Art Deco Architecture   http://www.greatbuildings.com/types/styles/art_deco.html

Frank Lloyd Wright  http://www.pbs.org/flw/

Web site on master American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. It is also the Web companion to the Ken Burns film, "Frank Lloyd Wright". This site features biographical info, in-depth information about Wright buildings, his contemporaries, and 20th century architecture.

The Skyscraper Museum  http://www.skyscraper.org/home_flash.htm

The Skyscraper Museum is located at 44 Wall St. in NYC. Net visitors can take a virtual tour of the museum. This site includes useful information on the rational for building skyscrapers, impact on land values in the city, problems and solutions in building, and modificatons to interior space. Topics are covered briefly. Visitors can also take a cyber-tour of the latest special exhibit, "The Empire State Building".

About dot com, handy to have about any subject. This is about skyscrapers.

Paper Models of Buildings web ring
You can get advice and support for building thigns with these sties.
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