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Beggining of the Spartans

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"I'll catch up with you guys later...Thanks for the info." Wesley said as he walked off. He tried to walk to the cafeteria but the way was blocked off because of something major apparently... Huhhhh....another freak lab experiment...wait...that's the interigation room where Threx and the sergeant is. Holy Sh*t! Wesley dodged past hordes of people and made his way into the room. There were to stretchers, one had a big, black body bag on it. Wesley unzipped it some...It was Threx. Wesley staggered back. How could this all happen so fast? It was so unreal! He then went to the next strecher. The sergeant was there, barely hanging on.

"Johnson...." he whispered weakly. "Over the mountains, to the invisible world lies an imprisoned key.The imprisoned key will show you the way, if you are able to sway and skip. This is no jip. If you can get the scroll you may stroll. When the mother comes to protect her cubs though, you must find the stash of Hash. When this is done YOU are not! For to escape this firey rain you must find Stix, Frix, and Snix. Once you are on as long as it is not dawn you are done, if you can make it home. If you achieve this, glories and golds may await you, but only if you survive... the key to the war." then he died.

Luckily Wesley had a good memory. He forgot about his hunger then. He had to find Christina, Simon, and Ralph!


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