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Beggining of the Spartans

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Everyone thinks that there were just swords, bows, and catapults in the middle ages. Well they're wrong. There were guns and also mildly effective cannons. There were two types of humans. The regular people and Spartans. The Spartans were the ones who had the guns. They was an alien race (who's name is to hard to pronounce so call them the Hunters) who were so powerful that no regular human could stand up to them. They had the best technology and armor, and the reason they were called Hunters is because they picked on defensless planets, including Earth. What they didn't know about though, was the Spartans.

They came down to Earth and attacked ruthlessly. The Spartans were the only ones who could save Earth! These are the chronicles of what happened:

Maximus was getting ready for battle against the Hunters now with barely 2000 men against 10,000 aliens. Maximus was a general, and a tough one at that, and he would need a miracle to win this war.

He waved goodbye to the village surrounding his army and soon, his army was off. Maybe never to come back again.

Rapheal crept up the slighty rocky terrain. He was a spartan scout, but he knew that his commanders knew his true skill. He reached the top and examined the alien camp. He couldn't believe his eyes, the spaniard had seen many great armys in his days, but this was unbeleiveable. The alien camp itself was huge, but it was packed full of what seemed to be basic infantry. He pulled out a small extendable spyglass and took in the site. He easily could attack and mabye bring down a few, but he would dead soon after, cut down by blasting bullets and jets of flame. Rapheal looked towards the center of the camp, and saw three huge aliens, easily fifteen feet tall. "That must be the general's tent," Rapheal said to himself. He checked his small and compact rifle. He had modified it slightly, haveing a blacksmith weld a spyglass to it, allowing him to get a much better view of whatever he was shooting. He grabbed it and continued to examine the enemy movements within the camp. They were preparing to march, that much was obvious. Rapheal shouldered his rifle and creapt back down the rocks. as soon as he hit the ground, he took off at a dead run. Maximus had to know the aliens were coming. And Rapheal was the only one who had gotten this close. He traced his path back the exact way he had come, passing the bodies of more than one alien with slash marks and bullet holes. He prayed as he ran, he prayed he made it fast, and he prayed his general would be able to get ready in time.

Rapheal stood dumbfounded. First an alien that had escaped his eyes on the way here, and now this crazy guy. "Well, the enemy army has massed to much larger numbers than previously thought," Rapheal said with a small bow. "I'm Rapheal, spartan scout and sharp shooter," he explained quickly. His eyes scanned the area as he spoke, one surprise was enough untill he could get back to his camp. "And what, my friend, are you doing out here?" Rapheal asked, his curiosity peaking. This guy was good, Rapheal could tell just by the stance, and the twin blaster pistols showed him to be either insane, or extremely brave. Rapheal would go with insane untill something happened to change that. "And by the way, thank you for killing that beast, it had surprised me. Not many things get past my sight," Rapheal said with another, more stately bow. "Shall we head back so I can give my report? Or is there something your doing out here that I might help with?" Ralph said, eager to shed some alien blood himself. He grabbed his rifle, and turned the safety off. He looked quickly at the high end blasters, then to his old school rifle. He cocked the bolt, loading a .50 cal. round into the chamber. He liked the blaster rifles, but many aliens he had seen carried energy shield generators. With his armor piercing .50 cal. rounds, he could take nearly anything down. He made a small hand motion, trying to tell the strange spartan he had just heard something big, and disappeared into the brush.

Wesley dodged trees trying to find his friends. He noticed movement, so he swirved around throught the bushes and found Simon and Rapheal.

"They're attacking a village close to base!" Wesley gasped between syllables. "We're needed!" Wesley then pulled out his shotgun and loaded it. He fastened on his crudely made helmet also, with only a mouth and two eyeholes in it.

Then Wesley noticed something in the bushes. Then a ferocious Septi reached out for him and snagged him into the bushes for a feast. Wesley fumbled around with his shothgun then dropped it on accident. "Rapheal! Simon!"

OOC: Septi were the first thing the Hunters sent to Earth to scare everyone. They are man-eating, fourlegged, beast that the Hunters usually ride on. They slightly resemble a more slimy type of dinosaur minus the scales.

Ralph heard someone coming, and quickly pulled out his revolver. He saw it was only Wesley, and moved to put it back. "Aliens attacking a village?" he asked surprised, and then the Septi grabbed him. "D**n it all!" Ralph said, he holstered the revolver, and drew his beam knife, his only energy based weapon. Ralph dove into the bushes, and saw the Septi holding Wesley up high. "Die fiend!" Ralph yelled and he ran to close for the paws to tear him, he only needed to worry about the mouth now. The Septi immediately moved to bite Ralph in half, and Ralph quickly cut its tounge out with a swift slash. "Simon, take whatever shot you have!" Ralph yelled, rolling back, and into the range of the claws. Ralph realized his mistake soon enough, as one claw lifted him ten feet into the air, then threw him into a tree. There was a small cracking sound, the tree was small, and had cracked all the way through. Ralph rolled to his feet, drew the hand with the knife back, and launched it. The small knife spun quick and true, taking the beast in the left eye. "Simon! Shoot the blasted thing!" Ralph yelled, then realizing more than the tree had cracked. He grabbed his ribs, and felt the break. Ralph pulled out his revolver and took quick aim, unloading the whole thing into the arm holding Wesley. Ralph fell to his knees, with no time to reload, his chest aching with extreme pain. He stared at the now one eyed beast. The Scepti moved in on Ralph, and he blacked out.


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