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Crazy Gaming Experiances

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Anyone have some strange experinces in D&D?

When I was first playing, me and my crew wher stuck in a treehouse fighting 3 owlbears. This was our first day so they where tough. For some reason, I picked up a skull candle holder after everything else we tried had failed, including a lot of poison arrows by my archer friend. The owlbear hit the tree and I dropped the skull, it hit him on the head and killed him.
My DM was a genius for thinking that up!!!

Let me tell you a tale of the loyal Ken Worth. This noble fighter was turned to stone while venturing though a dungeon. The rest of the party tried everything they could to change him back, but to no avail. They eventually left, determine to return when they'd finished the place to get him help. Sometime later, the party was standing in a treasure room when they heard strange noises behind them. They readied to tackle whatever came through the door.The noise quickly became very distinict...

thump "s**t!" thump "s**t!" (and so on)

Anyway to make a long strory short, what came through the door was none other then Ken. It turned out that his sword was intelligent and it had changed him back...except for one foot.

thats pretty funny. No one cusses like Ken!

tarock ashar:
Well their are these two brothers (Zack and Harrison are thier names) that I play with and they get along in real life but when they play they are always fighing.  It is funny to see how their characters intereact with eachother.  

One time We were exploring this mysterious cave that was filled with spider webs.  Harrison decided just to rush in and see what was in the cave.  So he went in and then Zack decided to toss in a torch to see if it would show any creatures lurking in the dark.  Well the webs were flamable, very flamable.  They caught on fire and the cave was a blazing inferno for a few seconds.  The webs quicklly burned away and the fire died down but harrison was in the middle of the cave. Harrison was on fire.  Man you should have seen the look on his face when I told him how the cave caughton fire.  His eyes got wide and then he looked at zack.  He had this really He said "ohhhh I am gonna get you now."  


Hehehe... I don't know about D&D experiences, however, I've had a very interesting one with MERP (Middle-Earth Role Playing). There was this river we needed to get across next to this fortress. I decided it might be a good idea to chop down a couple nearby trees to get across. We were successful in cutting down and dragging the first tree across (They were fairly small trees) and were on our second one when an arrow came wizzing past my head. I turned to see an orc loading his crossbow again, so I charged at him to greet him with my two handed sword. One little problem arose, however... He was on the other side of the river, and I had to run across a small tree to get to em. I slipped... fell into the water... and was drowning. My friend came and drug me out of the water while the orc laughed and fired at poor old me (Missing). I shook myself off... ran across the tree and slipped again. This happened about 3 more times. The orc was laughing so hard that the last time I attempted to go across he fumbled and accidently pinned his foot to the ground. Unfortunately for him, that's when I finally made it across. I don't think he was very happy.  :wink: Needless to say I learned a very valuable lesson from that. After that adventure, I went straight to the weopons shop and got myself a bow.


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