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Pariah: oh sweet mother of bob, did I actually post that?


--- Quote ---Shadoweagle: Would there be some interest if i made another map challenge down the track, a la Decathros?
Gossamer: Oh yeah....Decathros. I never did write down my ideas for that did I...crud. On my to do list!
MysticMoon: Oh yeah... Decathros. I never did write anything about the vulture people :(
Ancient Gamer: Oh yeah... Decathros. I never did get quite what that was.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---MysticMoon: The traveling warrior... drunken monkey master who joined a ninja clan
Murometz: youre in
MysticMoon: I was referring to Goss :P
Murometz: teh ol' "drunken style" combined with "monkey style" ftw!
Gossamer: Hmm, that's a good origin story. Originally Japanese but speaks Chinese and what not. Fell asleep on a boat ferrying sake.
Murometz: anyhoo, i *love* the genre, and will do it justice. Have no fear
MysticMoon: Or captured by Chinese pirates
Gossamer: I'm 200 years old and probably blind, which of course makes me even more powerful.
Murometz: older the better haha
Murometz: at 200 yrs of age, you can no longer control your bowels but no one is more powerful than you lol
MysticMoon: Bowel Rage Attack!
Murometz: Goss 'Whitebrow" feces spewing master of monkey drunks

--- End quote ---

LOL. I was referring to Goss. That was hilarious!


--- Quote ---Gossamer: How beutiful can a bunch of letters be...Unless they're complimenting me.
MysticMoon: Or complementing you
Gossamer: Uhm, did I misspell or are those two words?
MysticMoon: Nope
MysticMoon: I was doing a word play
Gossamer: So they're two words?
MysticMoon: Yes
MysticMoon: [link]
Gossamer: Ah. Awww, too bad I ruined it. :P
MysticMoon: Oh, yes to the 2nd thing you said
Gossamer: Unless it was a sex joke...then no aww
MysticMoon: No sex joke
Gossamer: aww reinstated
EchoMirage: aww no sex joke

--- End quote ---


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