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Quotes of, by, and for, the Citadel

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Dozus: Aaand the map's full, thanks to Caesar193.
caesar193: Yes it is. All hail caesar193 for filling in the map!
caesar193: No hails?
caesar193: I feel so rejected
Murometz: caesar 192 used to give out cookies...just sayin

Murometz: The Road to Canagadi shapter opens tonite!
Murometz: tha'hells a shapter??!! Chapter!
Chaosmark: SHAPTER, n. A slang word used as the future-tense of a chapter, usually on a Friday. First used by the ubiquitous 'Murometz' on the website 'www.strolen.com', it has since become a world-wide phenomenon, permeating gamer-culture and beginning a slow infestation of common English parlance.
Dozus: Man, am I ever looking forward to this next shapter!
Murometz: ive never been called ubiquitous before.

I've been playing my druid too much on NWN so I end all of my sentences like I still have more to say...

This is what magic should be about: a force, that even if it was studied for all eternity cannot be completely explained. manfred

"Not that one needs to make such a banal distinction among flowers as to have favorites but..." (4 paragraphs follow) axlerowes


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