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Quotes of, by, and for, the Citadel

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Ria Hawk:
Not so much lines from subs or rps, more lines from just general existence.

Murometz - I don't like being watched.  I like to conduct my evil deeds in private.

Murometz - The good news is that if you kill two xaren with 0 xp, you'll be well on your way to second level.
Ria Hawk - The bad news is that we have to kill two xaren with 0 xp.

EchoMirage - I am of the opinion that one should love everybody who ain't a jerk.

Wulfhere - I assure you that being a jackass is it's own punishment.

MoonHunter - But I like ranting.


Wulfhere: Dozus and I were considering a contest of pugilistic puissance, and require big handlebar moustaches.

Wulfhere strikes again: "War is like Jello... there's always room for more..."

Ria Hawk:
Strolen - I was thinking of a type of earwax that gained intelligence....
Wulfhere - No... We have to work with semi-sentient ear wax every day.  We don't want it on the Citadel.
Ria Hawk - The sad thing is that's fairly accurate...
valadaar - And generous...


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