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Quotes of, by, and for, the Citadel

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EchoMirage: well, I think being stupid should carry the risk of dying.

A happily ever after with my female shepherd and Liara is all I'm after, really!

We were discussing Mass Effect 3's ending, and it was a reference to Commander Shepherd obviously, but when taken of context...

--- Quote ---The waiting room is littered with the bones of those who come here, not to die, but to live, only to find their lives held in limbo, an eternity of waiting... until at last they find new lives beyond the veil of tears.
--- End quote ---

Shadoweagle: This one speaks truth. They of the Citadel be not unlike the ebb and flow of the tide. for whence our duties lie low and the time is right, we engulf the site like the unforgiving sea, until life draws us back into the ocean of responsibility from whence we came.
Shadoweagle: Some drown or lose their way, in that ocean, and return to us not. Yet it comes to be that oftentimes the tide pulls new denizens to our shore, bringing with them tales and legends as yet unheard. And even those lost for many a year to the ocean are not always forgotten. They lurk in our memories and in the footprints they have left in the sand.
Shadoweagle: And so those of us who stay, wait patiently along the shore, sharing tales among ourselves as we wander, and hope that one day, we will see footprints, freshly marked in the sand, yet oh so familiar. And we shall welcome our once-lost kin back to our shore and ask them to tell us new tales which they learned whilst lost so long.
Shadoweagle: Thus the cycle continues. Thus, Strolen's Citadel is, and ever shall be.

EchoMirage: order Sil's char off ebay


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