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so, we have movie quotes, book quotes, game quotes and famous quotes. 

Let us indulge...I propose marking and noting great quotes and/or passages by our fellow citadelians. Quotes, terms, sentences, and turns-of-the-phrase, mined from countless submissions, and put forth here for our enjoyment, and as a "way-to-go!" cheer for the writer in question.

here, I'll begin:

Siren no Orakio: A man needs two things to become a saint. He must perform three miracles, and then he must die

Scrasamax: mercy is a game played by the merciless.

Ancient Gamer: Unbeknownst to anyone, the mage watched the birth through the windows of the miller's home, and when Thenadore arrived his soul probed the young newborn for a shelter and a host in the years to come. Curious, the innocent soul of Thenadore accepted, and in the last seven years they have co-existed in a symbiotic and benevolent partnership

manfred: The only creature, that can be victorious on any battlefield, is the raven."

Psalmanazar: Those who visit will find the penitents to be harmless, if somewhat delusional; They are flat and uninteresting, but absurdly hopeful about their paradise to come.

Ancient Gamer:
CaptainPenguin: Return to me," she said, and as he died, he said: "I shall return".And though the years flew like sparrows from disturbed nest, he did return, year after year...!

Ancient Gamer:
valadaar: Watching him play checkers with Formuro was always amusing - whenever he took one of Formuro's pieces he would rattle his jaw in joy.

yep, beauts those! nice AG.

Scrasamax: The bigger the brain, the smaller the heart. What do wizards know of faith?


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