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Do you have any NPCs or characters that you found very crazy?

-Abe, a winged alien with a flaming head who speaks only two words "Abe bad."
-Dwarfmonk, a dwarven monk who speaks strangely and takes off his clothes before he fights.
-Zimbulgaster, a lich who can't seem to do anything right.
-Super Poly-Dan, a giant panda bear superhero.
-Mahgbahdin Vague, a werewolf mage who randomly teleports people that he meets.
-Snirt, a goblin who's always getting fired from catapults
-W.O.L.F., an animal companion who's name stands for What Of Lick Fingers
-Ep, a talking draft horse

* Lucy, the extraordinarily camp armourer and blacksmith.
* Luigi, the obese restaurant owner who dipped kittens in his drink like digestive biscuits and said "yesno" a lot (he didn't actually eat the kittens, just sucked them).

If I think of any more I've used I'll post them.


Duilwen Dairuin:
:P What about Crazy PCs?  I had one that chased after a black cat because he thought it was a wizard in disguise :D

Seen a ranger that ate squirrels, and after one attack from a giant-sized one, and several accidents where *always* have been squirrels spotted nearby...

...started to get paranoid from squirrels. :)

You know, they look sooo innocent, so nobody suspects them, cute with fluffy tails and all... better watch your back. Guess where Evil often hides...

Campaign failed, but even today the player (as a joke) occasionally looks nervously around and remarks: It is surely those d**ned squirrels! :wink:

I am a weak DM, but this I call success!

d**n those squirrels!


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