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Linking chat
« on: January 16, 2007, 05:52:23 PM »
Had a talk with Mourngrymn, and we came upon the topic of linking submissions. Warning: another dry debate on Citadel features.

[manfred] ...how do you like all the linking features?
[Mourngrymn] Well I use the freetext when I am wanting to look for something specific. However I do follow the linked material and use them myself for all of my subs. I link everything I can, which is a downfall to me and the way I do my work. I can see that people do not always follow the linked material and that can be seen when someone comments on a sub and asks a question that is detailed in one of the linked subs. Thats frustrating.
[Mourngrymn] I think that if everyone used it how it was supposed to be used, then it would be great.
[manfred] Yes, linking on the bottom of the sub is often not enough. Linking in text fares better.
[manfred] Lately, people started to use the blockquote tag to add important links to their subs, now that is a way to get attention.
[Mourngrymn] But linking in text can be a hassle when you do not speak directly about something. For instance I created a group of items that were
linked by a history. Instead of having the history in each I wrote it seperate as a codex. I then wrote the other subs and linked them. And no one understood anything. Linking in text was difficult as neither sub dealt individually with the other items, only as a whole were they common and therefore linked.
[Mourngrymn] Yes the blockquote tag is an eye opener.
[manfred] In that case, I'm afraid, you have to find a way to add link in text... some note on the end (or beginning), or the aforementioned blockquote.
[manfred] In some cases, there's just too much at the bottom... and people are not willing to follow every single link.
[Mourngrymn] See some of my long subs... my constellation myth one for instance (I just read it again) fail to get attention because it is so long. I have
even fell victim to not reading some subs that have a huge number of linked scrolls.
[manfred] It is always a bit complicated with long submissions.
[Mourngrymn] that is a fact
[manfred] I have become a fan of scrolls recently, as you may have noticed.
[manfred] They can do a few things for a long post, if it is suitable.

Whatever, the short chat may perhaps be continued - how do you others like the various ways of linking submissions? Do they serve the purpose you want them to use for? Or is there space for improvement?
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Re: Linking chat
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2007, 06:57:44 PM »
I have two things up my sleeve still




The idea might be to suck in the summary or parts of the submission....maybe?

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