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A Giant’s Solution
« on: October 28, 2007, 01:19:15 AM »
Risk-Takers and Adventurer’s abroad, I welcome you!

I welcome you for the fact that you seem a smidge interested in what could potentially be a great game. If kindly read you would have known by now that I have A Giant Quagmire. In such problem, there can possibly by a solution I am desperately trying to find. In six different races there are six of the most dominated Giants I have been working with. Each has their own uniqueness which needs to be played out for the same common goal. Not every Giant will agree and differences will be pushed, but that’s quite alright- it’s the personality I’m hoping to find. Below is a list that will be edited frequently for the best suited individual player. I am hoping five more individuals will partake. If more should arise, by all means, more characters are welcomed. If less should storm, I will be more than happy to play extra or if you believe you can handle more than one character (provided the differences in race occurs), I shall ponder it.

*Name     /     Race     /     Gender      /     Weapon     /     Pet     /     Character Played By

The name of the character, weapon, and/or pet can change.

Vorzog – Hill Giant – Male – Club – Dire Wolf – N/A

Balect – Stone Giant – Male – Maul – Cave Bear – N/A

Hazledge – Fire Giant – Female – Javalin – Hell Hound – N/A

Ozwelt – Frost Giant – Male – Axe – Winter Wolf – N/A

Gaelah – Cloud Giant – Female – Sword – Spotted Lion – Ellora-Lynne

Ledzeckt – Storm Giant – Male – Scepter – Sea Lion – N/A

For further reading and indulgence, if you do have questions in regards to a certain characters niche or common ground for personality, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be more than willing to try to answer questions. I will also be planning on bringing a very rough (I’m no good with drawing) picture of a map and key cities as this develops!