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Ancient Gamer:
Rolemaster has been totally pwned! ;)

I love charts like these! As a player with a series of different games on his roster, I have rolled my share of Rolemaster and MERP tables.

Brings back good memories.

This is the greatest table/chart ever created.  :up:

wow now this is a blast from the past.

An old gaming buddy ran across this and pulled it up for me to look at this last weekend at a game. 

Back in about 96 (after playing some serious rolemaster lol) I made this chart for my D&D game. I posted it and some other stuff on a now extinct Geocities web page I made. 

Anyway it's pretty awesome to see it living on. :)

I hope people have enjoyed it.  My buddy thinks he has hard copies of some of the other charts.  If so I'll post them here at a later date.

Strolen thank you for posting this!


Hiya there Coley!

So great so see this: A piece of ancient Strolen's Citadel history spotted once more by the original author of it over a decade after it was posted! and by Coley's post, this is a chart which was thought up nearly two decades ago, now! Stick around, Coley! Itt'd be great to see you bring up some more stuff!

All hail Coley. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would ever be graced in the same conversation as the creator of such astonishing wonderfulness!!

This chart spawned years of devastation and nail biting. We used it equally for us and the baddies because fair is fair. Of course we spent time on our own charts but we ALWAYS seemed to go back to this one. This was a central point to many character deaths as well as countless monsters.

I just want to personally thank you for posting it back in the moving gif ages of the internet. We absolutely love the chart!!


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