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(One of my favorite charts. Had it for years and years so credit must go to the true author)

01-03    opponent takes max weapon damage.
04-06    opponent disarmed roll 1d8 for random landing direction.
07-09    opponent struck for max damage. strike second opponent if possible for half damage.
10-11    +6 to damage, your weapon strikes your opponents thigh reducing his movement to 1/3 amount for 1d4 days.
12-15    opponent suffers bleeding wound. 1d4  damage. For 1d6 rounds.
16-17    opponents weapon breaks save if magical for no effect +4 to damage
18-20    +10 to damage.
21-23    opponents armor damaged -1d4 points from armor.
24-25    +6 to damage, opponents weapon arm is damaged they are -3 to hit for 1d4 days.
26-29    double damage.
30-31    opponent is disarmed player decides where weapon lands.
32-33    double damage!! You swing your weapon smashing through your opponents weapon crushing it then him. If the weapon is magical then it is simply knocked from his hand.
34-35    +5 to damage.
36-36    Your weapon strikes your opponent squarely on the head if he is wearing a helmet he receives double damage and must make a system shock roll at half rank or be knocked out...if he is not wearing a helm then he takes quadruple damage and must make a system shock roll at half rank or die.
37-37    Your weapon strikes your opponent’s face if he is wearing a full helm he receives double damage and must make a system shock roll at half rank or be knocked out...if he is not wearing a full helm then he takes quadruple damage and must make a system shock roll at half rank or die. if he survives his charisma is permanently reduced by 1pt..further more if your weapon is made of wood you will at some time need to spend 3d4 rounds removing teeth and bone from it.
38-39    +4 to damage.
40-42    non fatal blow to head +5 to damage, blood in eyes blinds opponent for 1d4 rounds.
43-43    Triple damage!! player decides what happens to that opponent exp bonus for realism.
44-46    +8 to damage.
47-49    double damage, opponents weapon arm is crushed they are unable to use that arm for 3d6 weeks.
50-52    roll twice on this chart.
53-54    +6 to damage.
55-55    triple damage!! Your weapon strikes your opponents kneecap crushing it and sending him sprawling to the ground reducing his movement two 1 for 2d4 months and removing any AC bonus for dexterity without magical healing he will be reduced to 1/4 movement and loose 1d3 points of dexterity.
56-56    +23 to damage, your weapon slams into your opponents side breaking bones and causing them to pierce vital organs, If he survives this battle he will be severely injured healing at 1/10 the normal rate, and urinate blood for the next week. Bet your glad its not you!...evil DM grin....or was it?
57-57    roll three times on this chart.
58-60    triple damage!! Your weapon slams into your opponents shield arm dislocating his shoulder if he was using a shield it is now useless as it dangles limply by his side.
61-62    gushing wound opponent takes 1d6 damage for 1d10 rounds.
63-65    perfect set up take next attack at +5 int. and +6 to hit.
66-68    double damage.
69-70    +17 to damage, your weapon strikes your opponents jaw if he is not wearing a helm then he must make a save vs. death magic or be knocked out for 2d4 rounds. Further more he will not be able to speak for 3d4 days.
71-73    roll weapon damage twice.
74-76    +6 to damage knock opponent down, he is +4 to hit next turn by everyone.
77-78    opponent saves vs. death magic or drops weapon.
79-79    you hit his hard real hard!! quadruple damage!! Your opponent must make a saving throw vs. death magic or wet his pants and then die!!
80-80    double damage!! Your mighty swing sends your opponent tumbling to the ground his weapon flies from his hand in a random direction.
81-82    in addition to your attack you take advantage of an opportunity to knock your opponent down he takes 1d3 damage, dex check or drop weapon, and must double his initiative next round.
83-85    +6 to damage opponent stumbles back, and can only parry next round.
86-87    roll weapon damage three times.
88-88    double damage!! You step aside and smash your weapon into your opponents back he must save vs. paralyzation or be paralyzed from the waist down for life
or until magically healed.
89-90    +15 to damage!! Your swing sends your opponent sprawling into your nearest opponent(within 10ft) knocking them both to the ground doing 1d6pts of damage to both of them.
91-93   roll twice on this chart.
94-96    +7 to damage. your weapon strikes your opponents hand knocking his weapon from it and rendering it useless for 3d4 days.
97-100    double damage.


Silence, class, you had your laughs, now let's have a little history.

It looks primitive, doesn't it?

Well, what you surely don't see is what followed after it. This was the first table posted here, and a few others later followed, even less complete than this one. You may be wondering why is that important, but you know that users of this place have a tendency to add to incomplete things, and apply good ideas for other purposes.

I am sure you already know, what I want to say. This here is the grand-grandfather of today's Idea Scrolls! One of the most amazing discoveries of this century has its roots in this simple submission. Just think about it - every one of you has used a more advanced version at some point.

Now we'll have a little break, so look around, and don't break anything yourself. We will continue our tour through the Forums Of Ancient Times later.


Wow.  Who needs rolemaster now!!!! :P

I love this.


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