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Kane: The Were Wolf Hunter

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Kane could smell the stench of were wolf everywhere. He pulled out his twin blades,  heart seeker and wolf killer, and started looking behind all the furniture in large fairly large house. There was debris everywhere from the beast's tantrum and Kane could hear slight growling. He turned around just in time to see a hairy beast with sharp claws and  teeth pounce on him. His hood flew off as he smacked to a ground with a thunk! The were wolf swung his paw across Kane's chest leaving a semi-deep gash. Kane kicked the beast off of him and gave it a slash of his own. The were wolf howled in anger and picked up a beam of wood and chucked it at him. Kane fell to the ground and the were wolf came and picked him up by the throat.

"Where the hell are you Ash!" Kane screamed.

Just then, the man-beast whined and dropped him. It took the arrow out of it's back sand turned to see Ash with a bow in his hand. It started charging at him but stopped cold in it's tracks when it felt the cold sting of blades stuck between both shoulder blades.

Kane pulled the swords and he arrow out and the were wolf fell to the ground and began it's transformation back to human, this time, for good.

Kane and Ash picked up the body and brought it to the basement where the family was hiding.

"He should return to consciousness soon." Kane said to the family, without emotion.

"What should we do about the wounds?" the wife of the former were wolf asked.

"They should fade away quickly because they were inflicted when he was a were wolf and since that part of him is gone, the wounds should be gone." Ash stated.

The duo accepted the "thank yous" and the reward and went back to their headquarters.

"Another job well done," Ash (full name Ashton) exclaimed gleefully.

"Yeah, well it's not time to rest yet because the were wolf reports are flooding in from all over the place." Kane replied.

"Any idea who's turning all these people into were wolves?"

"Not yet,"

"Well, lets go to headquarters, get some sleep and new weapons, then head out again." Ash said with a yawn.

Kane nodded his head and was silent. For the rest of the ride they didn't say or do anything...because they didn't know they were being watched.

OOC: Kane was a black slave (I know he has similarities to Blade the Vampire Slayer) that was freed for lack of obedience and got into a tumble with a were wolf. A man saw how well he handled the man-beast and hired him to be the were wolf slayer of the village. Kane saw this as an opportunity to turn his life around so he took the job. Ash, a semi-wealthy white kid around 20 who was looking for some action in his life, asked to be a "sidekick" for Kane. Kane, who was desperetley needing help eagerly gave him the job and thus the Were Wolf Slayers were born!

Ria Hawk:
((OOC: Can anyone join in this?  Looks interesting.  And just to clarify, as far as the characters know, someone is artificially creating werewolves, and you can cure them?))

Gorex and the rest of his pack sniffed the outskirts of the old farm. Ferial's scent ended in a cloud of blood, and not all of it his own. His nose twitched again, he recognized the smell of the other, the stink of the hunter Kane. Anger bubbled under his skin, Gorex wanted to know how the hunter had discovered a means of removing the blessing of Garm from his chosen, in the vain belief that he was curing the victims of lycanthropy. He stiffened his tail, the hair on the back of his spine stiff. The rest of the pack understood. Kane had gone, but he was likely still in the area...he needed an example.

The pack of werewolves moved through the farm, killing every head of livestock before moving into the house where with savagry unmatched by humans means, the pack killed all of the people inside save for one. The survivor, a youth named Sabrit, was left to tell Kane of her family's demise.

OOC: Welcome Scras! And yes, anyone can join Ria. And as strange as it is, you can cure the were wolves too.

Dubrix sat in his chair back at the headquarters. He was the person in the group who was mostly left to solving the mysteries and such.  At this time right now he was deep in thought...until he heard the growling outside!

Dubrix is somewhat of a nubee to the group, and when he asked to be a member of the Were Wolf Slayers and just be the guy who worked at headquarters he had no idea he would be under this much stress, but it paid well so he couldn't complain. But now he could! He was under attack by atleast one were wolf, maybe more!

He clutched for his sword, but, where was it? He had misplaced it! Wy did he have to be so absent minded at a time like this? He searched for it frantically as the locked door where wolves were at came more and more close to busting into splinters.

He saw a glimmer in the corner of his eye, his sword! The only problem was it was right next to the door that was busting open with every second. He had to take a chance. He ran as fast as he could but his efforts were short lived when the door flung open. Dubrix fell to the ground in utter despair as he looked up at the were wolves, ready to give him the infecting bite that would make him one of them...

Ria Hawk:
Iscara was frightened.  There was something... not good here.  The locals said there were werewolves here, that they killed people.  But that was so hard to believe.  Still, there was something about this place that made her hair stand up on end.  She feared normal wolves, and doubted werewolves would be much better.  What was plain enough was that there was something going on in this place that left red death behind it.  Men or wolves, the difference was the same.  After what she'd seen?  Monsters was more like it.

She couldn't stay were she was.  If it was truly werewolves, they'd smell her out.  She hadn't been here long, and had no money.  She'd been sleeping in a barn, hoping not to be spotted by the farmer.  That was no concern anymore; she had heard things.  And she wasn't about to go look at what was left.  Make for town, that was the best plan.  She carefully climbed down the ladder, listening for danger and looking around nervously.  She really have any weapons, all she carried was a knife.  Hopefully she wouldn't need more.


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